Brevity - Super Accelerated, Simultaneous File Transfer & Transcoding Platform
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Brevity – Super Accelerated, Simultaneous File Transfer & Transcoding Platform


Breakthrough Solution for Media Workflows Using Brevity Transcoding


Breakthrough Solution for Media Workflows:

  • Super-accelerated file transfer and transcoding into a single process.
  • Deliver digital video files in any format, to multiple destinations in a single step.
  • Post production workflow simplification means unmatched time and cost savings.

Stop Overpaying for your current file acceleration solution!!!! 

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Transport Acceleration

Brevity algorithms enable the highest file quality to be delivered at super-accelerated speeds. Whether you require mathematically lossless or no visual loss, Brevity’s quality vs. speed of delivery is unmatched in the industry. Brevity’s Image Warp algorithm is a GPU accelerated transport CODEC able to accelerate transport by 30x for uncompressed formats such as YUV, DPX 2K and 4K, and by 2x to 10x for other high bit rate formats.

Brevity also offers Data Warp – a mathematically lossless transport algorithm that delivers substantial accelerations for high bit-rate video files and Raw Warp, a mathematically lossless algorithm specifically designed for uncompressed content. Whether you’re looking to move source content or already compressed content, we’ll accelerate the transport of your content to any location.


Concurrent Workflows:

Many customers are used to serial workflows where one process finishes then the next one starts. For example, an editor might push a show from the edit bay to an encoder that creates a mezzanine file. This mezzanine file is then transported to a storage pool where it is uploaded to a cloud system for processing. The cloud system may process this file and then deliver it to several syndication partners. Each step of that workflow historically required separate systems and policies to manage.

Brevity takes the file directly from the broadcast source such as a camera, digital asset manager or edit bay folder and coordinates file conversions and deliveries in parallel. This makes it easy to forecast when jobs will arrive. At any time you can scale the number of job queues you have available from the web-based admin console. This ability to run workflows in parallel vastly improves total propagation time of assets by removing delay-causing bottlenecks.


Brevity Desktop Client:

Brevity Desktops is an easy-to-download application for Windows, Mac and Linux, that allows anyone to securely and quickly receive and send video assets to and from any desktop or laptop at accelerated speeds. The client maintains a persistent connection to Brevity Platform so delivery can be coordinated during off-peak network hours or when new files arrive. There are no complex licenses or bandwidth restrictions so easy to distribute the client to anyone that you wish to receive or send video too.



Brevity is a highly flexible, powerful, and turnkey platform that can be readily deployed through one of our popular configurations or as a customized solution that is designed to meet unique workflow requirements including one to many broadcast centers, remote users, required turnaround times, multiple data center footprints, and processing volumes. Our workflow specialist can help you model the ideal workflow for your organization and answer any questions you may have.


Brevity Appliance:

Brevity Appliances leverage the latest form factor from Dell to provide maximum processing power per square inch. Highly portable and with Brevity software pre-installed, this appliance is a cost effective alternative to using expensive servers and laptops for sending and encoding ultra high definition videos at extremely high speeds. Place them in multiple locations to accelerate mission critical video workflows.


Brevity Engine:

Brevity Engine is the software application that is designed to harness the power of one to many GPU’s to run sophisticated compression transport algorithms with simultaneous transcoding. Brevity Engines deliver the best file acceleration and compression results in the market today by running on cost-effective server-grade hardware at your location or in the cloud. Adding capacity is as simple as adding more Brevity Engines – they cluster automatically for increased performance and fail-safe operations.


Transcode Speed:

This metric refers to the time it takes to process a file delivery. In some workflows a file will need to be transcoded from the source format to destination format. While there are a myriad of options, most encode jobs can be faster than real-time. For example, if you have a 1-hour file, it would complete in 30 minutes at 1/2 real-time or in 15 minutes at 1/4 real-time. These numbers are averages, and an exact calculation can be made based on source and destination formats. With Brevity the transcoding process occurs at the same time as delivery. Meaning our propagation time is the max of delivery or encoding times. Other solutions delay the delivery based on a combination of the delivery and encoding times. If the files need further syndication after encoding, we optimize the queue in parallel so these stages happen at the same time. This means these three steps of the workflow are overlapping versus linear.


Broadcast CODEC Support:

Brevity supports decompressing and encoding into the majority of broadcast and Internet video and audio CODECS. Click here for a partial list of supported formats. If you don’t see your desired format let us know. We’re constantly updating the formats we support.



Brevity is a breakthrough software product that changes the way today’s bandwidth-intensive video content is produced,stored and shared in media workflows. It enables you to move files to their destination at industry leading speeds from the convenience of a highly intuitive control panel. Using it’s patented technology, Brevity reduces the transport payload while simultaneously transcoding files sent to multiple locations in a variety of encoded formats.


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