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Broadcast Media Guard – Media Stream Analysis by Providius

BMG acquires, decodes, and analyzes different types of IP media streams to gain insights and information.

BMG is a software that acquires, decodes, and analyzes various IP media flows, both uncompressed and compressed, across multiple high-capacity IP interfaces. Media analysis is critical as it enables the measurement and monitoring of the quality and integrity of IP media. This ensures that the content delivered is of the highest possible quality and is free of errors or disruptions. BMG is an indispensable and reliable Engineering, Operations, and System Integration tool.


Key Features

  • Zero-footprint software that provides precision network packet timing analysis
  • Simultaneous decoding and monitoring of multiple media types
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring, capable of monitoring by exception notification
  • NMOS IS-04/IS-05 support for network discovery and patch management
  • VM or bare metal deployments accessed anywhere using secure web UI

IP Media Analysis and Visualization

BMG simplifies complex packet and timing analysis using intuitive user-selectable apps. It can detect issues such as packet loss, delay, and jitter, which can cause buffering issues and other disruptions that impact the quality of the media.


Concurrent IP Service Analysis

BMG is cutting-edge technology that simultaneously acquires, decodes, and analyzes a vast array of media flows. These media flows can be compressed or uncompressed and processed across multiple high-capacity IP interfaces. BMG’s advanced technology enables it to detect and confirm compliance metrics, such as caption detection and SCTE 35/104 commercial insertion trigger decoding. With BMG, you can rest assured that your media streams are being comprehensively monitored and analyzed for optimal performance.

PTP Network Monitoring

BMG offers a comprehensive and detailed view of all PTP clocks present on the network, providing crucial information about their identity, stability, and dependencies. Monitoring PTP in the network is of utmost importance in ensuring uninterrupted and seamless operation. Without PTP, numerous services, such as ST 2110, would rapidly lose synchronization, causing significant disruptions and deteriorating the network’s overall performance.

Real-time Analysis and Monitoring

BMG is an indispensable tool for your media network, providing round-the-clock surveillance and analysis. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that all high-impact content is delivered with the utmost accuracy, reliability, and consistency. We monitor your network constantly, scanning for errors or disruptions that could detract from the quality of your content. We issue real-time notifications that can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow if there are any issues. These notifications can be delivered to multiple external platforms, making it easy for you to stay informed and take action quickly. With BMG, you can rest assured that your media network is safe and that your content is always delivered at the highest possible quality.

Content Monitoring and Logging

The advanced technology BMG uses enables it to detect various user-customizable impairments in various media services. These impairments include audio and video essence freeze issues, black, and loudness. With the help of big data storage, BMG cannot only track but also catalog every error that occurs over long periods of time. This enables it to gain insights into each stream’s overall performance and availability. By characterizing every error over time, BMG can help media service providers to optimize their performance and provide an uninterrupted viewing experience to their users.

24/7 Eyes and Ears

Having the right monitoring and visualization technologies in place to proactively identify impairments and service disruption is imperative to the success of your operation. That is why Providius has engineered the BMG to be the 24/7 eyes and ears of your video service and delivery network.

Capture, Decode, & Analyze

Uncompressed Formats (Decode + Analysis)

  • ST 2022-6 (SDI over IP)
  • ST 2022-7 plus path skew
  • ST 2110-20/30/40 all parts
  • Packet pacing analysis (-21)
  • 32-bit audio decode + analysis (-31)
  • NMOS IS-04/IS-05 compliant
  • AES-67

Uncompressed Formats (Decode + Analysis)

  • MPEG-2/H.264/HEVC Video
  • JPEG XS Video
  • JPEG 2000
  • NDI Video*
  • SRT*
  • MP1-L1 Audio
  • AAC / HE-AAC Audio
  • ATSC A/52 Audio

Ancillary Data Analysis

  • Closed caption decoding (CEA-608/708)
  • Loudness monitoring (EBU-R-128/ITU-1770/ATSC A/85)
  • DVB Transport Layer Analysis TR 101 290
  • Commercial signaling analysis & logging (ANSI SCTE-35/SCTE-104)
    * contact us for availability

Packet & Timing Characterization

  • Packet jitter and inter-packet arrival time (IPAT)
  • PTP analysis, including lock, GM, BMCA…
  • Timing comparison

Visualization and Notification

  • Alarm timeline latching and logging
  • Audio metering
  • Blended telemetry signal compare
  • Multi-CODEC mosaic
  • Multiuser personalized albums
  • Notifications including SNMP, Syslog, and Slackbot
  • Time series historical graphing
  • Fully open API for 3rd party integration


  • BMG is designed to be deployed on an off-the-shelf server with a high-performance Ethernet adapter and supports networks of all sizes, including enterprise infrastructures.
  • Using modern graphical design, BMG leverages HTML5 to present detailed dashboards that provide responsive real-time web updates.
  • BMG gives you unprecedented visibility into your most critical operations from any location using a web browser.
  • Although BMG can be installed on any server or virtual machine that meets the minimum system requirements, we can also supply you with a preinstalled server.


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