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The BullDog becomes your broadcast infrastructure when none is available. Ideal for Sports and ENG Applications, this Compact, Rugged, and Cost–Effective Unit Can Transmit Any Camera Signal.

The Bulldog is the perfect solution for live temporary events. It’s very rugged, portable and runs on battery or power can be sent via SMPTE hybrid cable, perfect for events such as golf or outdoor concerts where no infrastructure is available. The BullDog becomes your broadcast infrastructure, power and all. The receiver side can be another BullDog or the rack mount version. In addition, the receiver can be the 2RU, openGear card cage, complete with SNMP management and Ross’s Dashboards monitoring software


  • Transport
  • Optional Monitor & Test Generator
  • Run on: AC, Battery or via Hybrid Fiber Cable
  • Diverse signal transport options.
  • Fiber connectors: SMPTE, opticalCon, ST
  • Option Card Cage receiver: openGear, SNMP, Dashboard
  • Scalable to any size and signal count


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