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64 Channel MADI Audio Monitor

The C64A-1 is a compact and lightweight 1 RU 64 Channel MADI audio monitoring system that provides visual and aural monitoring of all 64 channels of audio from a MADI signal on a 75 Ohm BNC connector.

A large vacuum fluorescent display located on the front panel provides 64 bar graph VU meters for a unique at a glance metering experience. This allows the operator to see the audio presence of all 64 channels at once. An additional larger bar graph VU/PPM meter with channel select indication is also provided for the channels you have selected to monitor.  The selected channels are also routed to the C64A-1 internal speakers, powered by a class D amplifier to provide an intelligible audio signal.

With simplicity in mind, the C64A-1 has been designed with an intuitive user interface to allow for easy access to the signals and information you need to monitor. Two high-quality military spec rotary shaft encoders are used to provide channel/mode selection and volume control with a unique push to mute function.  Also located on the front panel is a 1/4″ jack for when headphones are required.  The C64A-1 internal speakers will automatically mute once a headset has been detected when plugged in.

One 64 Channel MADI signal can be connected to the BNC on the rear panel while a reclocked output is provided. Two 3-Pin terminal block connectors also provide a stereo monitor output. This monitor output follows the signal that is being monitored on the internal speakers.  The front panel volume control can also be used to control the monitor output by placing a jumper on the GPI connector.

An Ethernet port located on the rear panel allows the operator to connect to the unit using the free openGear dashboard software application. This unique feature provides future software upgrades, and access to a really nice 4 band equalizer to tune the audio to your liking.

The C64A-1 is powered by an external power supply that is included with the unit.  There is also a second power input connector for those applications where optional redundant power supply may be desired.


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