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[Rent] Private 4G / 5G, CBRS & Wifi Network Solutions

Virtual networking systems to provide wireless and secure access to the internet for your organization

BearCom Partners with Patterson USD to Provide Private LTE (CBRS) for Distance Learning

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Patterson Unified School District (USD) in Patterson, CA, looked to adopt a hybrid distance learning environment where students would split their time between in-person learning and virtual learning at home. Unfortunately, not all households in the school district had internet access, which put them at a disadvantage when adapting to distance learning. Others that did have internet access did not have a secure network or had slow and spotty Wi-Fi.To bridge the gap, the USD used the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to fund education technology. With their grant, they turned to BearCom to provide their students with a reliable internet connection.


VidOvation and BearCom offer rental solutions for Private 4G/5G, CBRS, and Wi-Fi networks designed to fit your wireless infrastructure needs.

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)

Band 48 or Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) is a new high-speed broadband spectrum for commercial enterprises previously exclusive to the U.S. military and satellite stations. Due to newly instituted FCC regulations, CBRS is now available for commercial applications and allows BearCom to design broadband networks to provide encrypted private LTE to you at greater speed, security, connectivity, range and capacity than ever before.

BearCom is an Adopter and Advisor partner of the CBRS Alliance. “The CBRS Alliance is an industry organization focused on driving the development, commercialization and adoption of OnGo® shared spectrum solutions”.

CBRS Makes Private LTE Affordable.

Instead of expensive licensed spectrums, CBRS allows private LTE networks on shared spectrums. The lower cost is due to CBRS coverage capabilities that reduce the cost of infrastructure. Now you can take advantage of the benefits of a private network without the traditionally associated costs, and know your network will actually amortize over time against typical carrier subscriptions.

CBRS Offers Commercial-Grade Speed & Capacity.

With twice the capacity and four times the speed of Wi-Fi, the CBRS spectrum for commercial enterprises allows your organization to integrate voice, video, and data like never before and operate to its full potential. The network connects at LTE speeds to enable high-quality, low-latency voice and video connections and can ensure against interference with other adjacent frequencies. CBRS is also an evolution technology that provides a pathway to 5G capabilities.

Private LTE Provides Greater Security.

On a private CBRS network, you can keep sensitive data local while still accessing your cloud. BearCom will work with you to ensure compliance with the United States Secure and Trusted Communications ACT (HB4998) and design a solution that meets your IT criteria from computing on the edge to developing a centralized computer stack.

Customization Is Near-Limitless.

BearCom specializes in customization. CBRS is excellent for adding spectrum and managing data-sharing resources between mobile users. With our OnGo® CBRS service and our voice and data solutions, we can tailor your network along with your devices. You can communicate securely with other users and incorporate solutions such as video surveillance, access control and a broad range of consumer devices, like iPhones and tablets.

Improved Visibility Increases System Performance.

Using a private network optimizes system performance with remote monitoring applications and data services for human-machine interfaces. Productivity can be increased by using CBRS for IoT for numerous operational work streams, tasks and monitoring. You can stream from fixed to mobile resources and even deploy video over the same network.

BearCom has a rich history in designing and deploying RF technologies for a variety of applications and vertical markets. We conduct our own interoperability research and testing in our Customer Innovation Center to ensure optimal performance from the industry’s top-rated providers. With deep experience working for a variety of public and private enterprises across North America to provide communications and surveillance solutions, we are uniquely positioned to design, install, provision, and maintain your CBRS network.


This device combines the fastest new CBRS network with Motorola Solutions’ top-of-the-line communications devices. Using CBRS and best-in-class voice, video, and data solutions, MOTOTRBO Nitro delivers crystal-clear voice quality, allowing users to communicate easily without patchy handovers. With BearCom’s experienced installation, you’ll experience rich data connectivity upgrades that support increased application capacity for security, production, work ticketing, customer service apps, and more. You’ll experience strong, reliable coverage even on sites with thick concrete walls and other obstructions. MOTOTRBO Nitro increases capacity, allowing you to put more devices on your network than ever before.

Wi-Fi Networks for Business and Government

On-site Wi-Fi is growing in popularity. It is a vital networking system that provides wireless access to the Internet and is used in VoIP systems, gaming, and RFID technology. It is most commonly used in areas where cabling cannot be economically installed, such as outdoors, historical buildings, and temporary locations. Wi-Fi networks are more cost-efficient and less time-consuming by eliminating the need to install cables. Wi-Fi networks can cover entire cities and large areas or be designated for specific “hotspots.” Municipalities in the United States and Europe have started using hotspots to enhance local businesses’ efficiencies and attract tourism.

BearCom Wi-Fi Networks

BearCom recommends site surveys for Wi-Fi systems. These surveys can be done remotely, using detailed maps and aerial photography, but there is no substitute for visiting the site first-hand to observe possible obstructions and other design constraints. BearCom’s System Solutions Group can design a Wi-Fi network that fits your current needs. In addition to the manufacturers’ requirements, all equipment that passes through BearCom will be tested and optimized before being shipped to you. If BearCom is to complete the installation, the system must pass the acceptance test plans before the system is activated for use.


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