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Celona Indoor/Outdoor Access Points AP 13 & AP 13E

Enabling cellular wireless connectivity for enterprise environments, within private spectrum options

AP 13 & AP 13E are CBRS LTE access points as a part of Celona’s 5G LAN solution portfolio. These IP65 rated access points offer highly deterministic over the air performance optimized for industrial deployments where wireless connectivity with predictable performance and low latency are required. With an enterprise ready operational model, Celona AP 13/13E access points are designed for mission critical use cases in indoor and outdoor ruggedized industrial environments. Like all Celona access points, the AP 13/13E supports plug and play deployment, remote provisioning, centralized cloud-based management and seamlessly integrates into the enterprise network.


Celona AP 13/13E

Celona Indoor / Outdoor AP 13 & AP 13E are ruggedized and fully integrated 4G access points designed for enterprise private wireless environments.

Celona’s IP65 rated AP 13 & AP 13E were purposely engineered to deliver pervasive cellular coverage across indoor and outdoor environments such as warehouses, retail stores, manufacturing plants, offices, parking lots and stadium covered areas. Easy to deploy, Celona AP 13 & AP 13E enable interference-free access and unmatched wireless performance across various enterprise use cases and environments.

Key benefits of AP 13/13E:

Secure wireless communication

• Certificate based mutual authentication secures connection between AP and cloud

• Data at rest and in-transit secured by comprehensive encryption mechanisms

• Regular penetration tests of system components are conducted by 3rd party security labs

Enterprise friendly management and operations

• Zero-touch provisioning out-of-the-box makes AP operational in minutes

• Self-organizing spectrum management enables the selection of the best bands for interference-free operation

• Managed and monitored through Celona’s cloud-based Orchestrator platform as part of a complete private LTE turnkey solution

• Flexible time synchronization options via GPS or PTP time source

Built for tough environments

• IP-65 rated and built for tough environments with extended operating temperature, shock, vibration, and noise immunity

• Ruggedized design for installation in challenging environments

Deterministic performance for mission critical applications

• Delivers predictable performance for mission critical apps via 5QI MicroSlicing™ with QoS enforcements on a per application flow

• Delivers 200Mbps+ aggregate throughput with 2×2 MIMO and supports various uplink/ downlink slot configurations.

• Operates in channel bandwidth of up to 40 MHz (with Carrier Aggregation)

• Interference free operation within the private cellular wireless spectrum via centralized coordination of frequency and power level allocation across the Celona network

• Infrastructure control for traffic scheduling and mobility events for client devices


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