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Celona Multimode LTE/5G Indoor Access Point AP 20

Enabling LTE or 5G NR cellular wireless connectivity for indoor environments.

AP 20 is an indoor multimode CBRS LTE/5G NR access point as a part of Celona’s 5G LAN solution portfolio. AP 20 offers highly deterministic over the air performance including, up to 1 Gbps aggregate throughput, less than 10ms latency and exceptional coverage. With an enterprise ready operational model, Celona AP 20 access point is designed for mission critical use cases in indoor and semi-ruggedized environments. Like all Celona access points, the AP 20 supports plug and play deployment, remote provisioning, centralized cloud-based management and seamlessly integrates into the enterprise network.


Celona Indoor AP 20

Celona AP 20 is a fully integrated indoor access point that can be used for LTE or 5G NR operation in enterprise environments. The presence of both LTE and 5G radios allows enterprises to future proof their infrastructure as the device ecosystem evolves from LTE to 5G.

Bringing the speed, security, and reliability of 5G NR technology to enterprises and organizations across industries, Celona’s AP 20 was purposely engineered to deliver pervasive cellular coverage in enterprise environments like warehouses, retail stores, manufacturing plants, hospitals, and offices. Ultra-low latency of < 10 msec can enable applications like wireless Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), PROFINET

Key benefits of AP 20:

Multimode AP with support for LTE/5G

• Each Celona AP 20 can be configured to operate in either LTE or 5G NR AP mode. This provides enterprises a path to create a seamless upgrade to 5G NR without any hardware upgrades and deploy 4G and 5G NR devices simultaneously in the network as needed

Secure wireless communication

• Certificate based mutual authentication secures connection between AP and cloud

• Data at rest and in-transit secured by comprehensive encryption mechanisms

• Regular penetration tests of system components are conducted by 3rd party security labs

Enterprise friendly management and operations

• Out-of-the-box zero touch provisioning to bring up each AP in minutes without any manual operation

• Self-organizing spectrum management optimizes spectrum usage across the network to minimize interference and maximize capacity

• Integrated PTP timing source eliminates the need for external timing equipment

Built for indoor ruggedized environments

• IP-52 rated and built for indoor ruggedized environments with dust protection

• Seamless integration with existing network infrastructure with IEEE 802.3bt Type 4 PoE++

• Can be mounted on a T-bar, ceiling, or wall

Deterministic performance for mission critical applications

• Delivers predictable performance for mission critical apps via 5QI MicroSlicing™ with QoS enforcements on a per application flow

• Delivers up to 1 Gbps aggregate throughput (2×2 MIMO, up to 256 QAM modulation, subcarrier space of 30 KHz) and supports various uplink/downlink slot configurations

• Operates in channel bandwidth of up to 40 MHz

• One-way application latency of less than 10ms (device to edge)

• Engineered for predictable high-speed mobility (>25 mph) of devices between access points

Celona 5G LAN

Unlike traditional small cells that require configuration of various radio parameters and integration with 5G mobile core from a third party vendor, AP 20 is included as a part of Celona’s 5G LAN platform that integrates the essential elements including access points, LTE/5G core network edge hardware/software, radio resource management software and cloud-based orchestration tools specifically designed and developed for enterprise network use-cases.

5G LAN Value Prop

• Turn-key solution, designed for the enterprise

• Deterministic performance for mission-critical applications

• Enterprise friendly management and operations

• Support for global private wireless spectrums

Celona’s Access Point Portfolio

Key benefits of Celona’s 5G LAN Access Points

• Plug-and-play deployment

• Supports variety of global private 5G spectrums

• Deploy anywhere: Indoor/Outdoors, ceiling, wall, roof, poles

• Built for tough environments – Ruggedized , IP67 rated, C1D2 certified

• Built for critical communications – Microslicing, < 10ms latency, RAN mobility > 25 mph, Up to 1 Gbps

• Built-in PTP Grandmaster, eliminates external components

• End-End secure wireless communication


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