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Celona Outdoor Access Point AP 11

Enabling cellular wireless connectivity for enterprise environments, within private spectrum options

Celona outdoor AP 11 hardware is part of Celona’s private mobile network subscription. It is optimized for outdoor environments where predictable performance and low latency for wireless connectivity is required. With an enterprise friendly operational model, Celona access points are designed to accelerate the adoption of mission-critical devices and applications on enterprise wireless. They support plug and play deployment, remote provisioning, dynamic spectrum management and centralized cloud-based management.


Celona Outdoor AP 11 is a highly ruggedized hardware for use within private cellular spectrum (e.g. Category B for CBRS in the US) with external antenna support. It enables coverage across very large outdoor areas: between 0.3- 1M SQFT coverage with omni-directional antennas, and between 2500-5000 FT range with directional antennas. It is optimized for installation on rooftops, light poles, towers or other such outdoor installation options. It is designed to connect to an existing enterprise IT network using standard Ethernet or fiber connectivity.

Key Benefits

Unlike traditional small cells that require configuration of various radio parameters and integration with a separate Evolved Packet Core (EPC), Celona access points auto-discover the Celona Edge and Celona Orchestrator over any enterprise IP network to enable a plug-n-play deployment model. Celona APs then leverage secure, standards-based interfaces (S1 and TR-069 over IPSec) to establish data and control plane communications with the Celona Edge software. They are configured and monitored via the cloud-hosted Celona Orchestrator.

Built tough

Up to 5000 FT range for wireless coverage with directional antennas IP-66 rated and operating temperature range between -40°C to 55°C Ruggedized design for installation in challenging environments

Plug-n-play at scale

Simplified operations to make private cellular wireless accessible for enterprise IT users Coordinated spectrum management algorithm to optimize system wide performance Adapts to existing enterprise IT network configuration across remote, branch and campus

Predicatable reliability

Interference free operation with selforganizing wireless on private spectrum Highly reliable connectivity by leveraging advanced cellular wireless features Infrastructure control for traffic scheduling and mobility events for client devices

Application aware

Support Celona’s unique MicroSlicing™ technology to enforce service level objectives for minimum throughput, maximum latency / jitter / packet error rate Assign radio resources in real-time to MicroSlicing policies on a per application basis and device group basis


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