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Haivision CineAgent 1

The most lightweight of our family of content streaming servers, the CineAgent 1 is designed to handle a single web-based or virtual content streaming source at any given time.

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Scalable web and locally installed application streaming

  • The servers connect to web-based, vertual, or locally installed apps. “Locally installed” can include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Microsoft 365.
  • Dynamically set up and pull from a pool of applications which frees up hardware when not in use.
  • Optional VDI Streaming License Upgrade – Stream content from virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI). Supports VNC, RDP, SSH, and RFB protocols.
  • This feature requires a dedicated physical HDMI cable connection between a CineAgent and an Alpha FX processor

Input linking

  • Avoid network bottlenecks and ensure the highest connection speed possible for streaming web and locally installed applications and KVM control.
  • This feature requires a dedicated physical connection between a CineAgent and an Alpha FX processor with an HDMI cable.

Full soft KVM interaction with your video wall

  • Interact with web, virtual, or locally installed application content on your video wall via a touch screen or mouse.
  • Focus in on the most critical information you want to share across your network.

Global common operating picture support

  • Provide access to the latest web and virtual content to remote employees and teams – regardless of location.
  • Display and view content from virtually any device – PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

Asset pinning

  • Continuously stream content for quick asset changes without waiting for a website to load.

Which CineAgent is Best for Your Environment?

Depending on how much content your organization needs to stream, you can choose CineAgent 1, CineAgent 4, or CineAgent 16 servers.



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