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Haivision CineLink HD Encoders and Decoders

Our CineLink HD single-channel HD encoders and decoders enable high-quality, low-latency content streaming and display. This system is ideal for control rooms, conference rooms, and other environments where teams need HD encoding and decoding.

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Fewer cable runs

Rather than running physical cables to connect each input source to your video wall controller, an AV/IP system leverages the existing network infrastructure to route content to your visualization system. This networked approach reduces costly cabling work and potential points of failure.

Highly flexible and scalable

With a networked AV solution, your system is no longer confined to a single room or facility. It’s scope extends across the network to include content sources, video processors, displays, and colleagues anywhere in the world.

Software-based configuration and control

Networked AV offers a flexible, software-based approach to configuring a video wall by removing the constraints of physical cabling. Since any encoder can route to any decoder, users work through a simple software interface to route content sources to desired controllers and displays.

“Plug & play” approach

AV/IP solutions support automatic device detection and configuration. Users easily add content sources and displays to your networked AV system. Displays in different rooms and facilities can display the same content source simultaneously without splitters, amplifiers, or other external hardware.



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