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Cobra Link


Fiber Conversion

The Cobra Link Fiber System is a small form factor broadcast transmitter. It transmits video, audio, data and power over a single field SMPTE hybrid fiber cable.

Long cable distances can be achieved due to the highest quality power supplies implemented in base and camera unit.

The Cobra Link is specially designed for highspeed camera systems outputting two 3G HD-SDI video signals, nevertheless it performs excellently in all other professional broadcast applications. We offer customized solutions to transmit all required signals.


  • – All signal transmission including power over one single SMPTE hybrid fiber cable
  • – 15V DC power outlet at camera
  • – Long Distances
  • – Two 3G uncompressed HD-SDI signals from camera to base
  • – One 3G uncompressed HD-SDI signal (return signal)
  • – Two bi-directional data signal lines
  • – Two Audio Lines (line level)
  • – customized solutions with more or less signals on request


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