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Vantiva COM400

The COM400 includes an integrated 10 Gigabit Ethernet backplane with two 1 Gigabit and two 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports available on the front panel. It contains two slots for up to two QAM20s to be inserted, for a maximum of up to 96 QAM channels; and six receiver slots, for up to a total of 138 DIRECTV HD streams, utilizing the COM51 receiver blades and SWCOM51 tuner licenses.

The COM400 provides all the receiver blades and QAM20s with a commercial grade power supply drawing less than 225W of power when fully loaded. This cuts the power usage by more than half when compared to a comparable stacked receiver head-end system and provides for tremendous savings in yearly Operational Expenses associated with video distribution systems.

The COM400 also provides commercial grade cooling fans in order to meet the grueling demands of harsh commercial environments.



  • Chassis Dimensions: 3RU (5.25”H x 17”W x 13”D)
  • 2 x QAM20 Edge QAM slots
  • 6 x Receiver slots (COM51, COM51A, COM46 or COM46A)
  • 2 x 1 Gbit & 2 x 10 Gbit Ethernet connectors
  • Commercial Power Supply (120V)
  • No more than 225W power consumption fully loaded
  • Can be daisy-chained with new or previous COM systems for higher channel count installations


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