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Haivision Command 360 Video Wall Software

Experience the Difference

Command 360’s streamlined user interface (UI) and ability to stream virtually any visual data is the heart of a Haivision MCS video wall. It combines the power of intuitive content and device management with industry-leading visual technology. This connectivity and control creates a true visual collaboration platform. It allows organizations to display real-time content across any size network – from single-site control centers to multi-site, global operations infrastructures.

The software’s open architecture enables seamless integration with all video wall system components – from a range of video processors, encoders and decoders, permanently installed displays, or portable options.  Command 360 also controls third-party devices like audio and VTC systems. It’s design eliminates the need for external equipment and custom programming. This software enables enterprise, defense, research facilities, and public safety teams to securely visualize and dynamically respond to urgent situations such as cybersecurity breaches, defense missions, and public emergencies faster than ever before. Command 360 video wall software provides the best visualization experience and performance on the market.



Centralized, intuitive control of your operations

Nothing compares to how quickly and easily you can set up, customize, and maintain a visualization system with the intuitive Command 360 Platform. This software offers unmatched, centralized control of your operations with access to comprehensive features, streamlined workflows, and the most advanced user interface (UI). There’s no need to worry about custom programming or extensive training to unleash the full power of this video wall software.

Enhanced security

Built to meet defense-grade and enterprise zero-trust model standards, Command 360 is the most secure visual collaboration platform available. Be assured that your organization’s data, communications, and overall operations are secure. With more than a hundred new security features and built-in centralized administration, administrators easily maintain precise control over user permissions by defining the actions each role and group can access, and so much more.

Unlimited multi-site and remote scalability

The Command 360 video wall management Platform is purpose-built to overcome the common challenges of scaling video wall systems. It transitions from single-site to multi-site, geographically distributed systems, and/or remote teams with ease. Regardless of the complexity of your network, Command 360 provides centralized management and flexible control of an entire system, without the need to train internal support technicians to maintain each location in a network.

Unlimited content streaming for real-time visibility

This powerful management software streams nearly any kind of content from any signal format – digital or analog, physical, IP, or virtual environments. It also leverages content from nearly any device, including workstations, laptops, tablets, cameras, cable boxes, and much more. Regardless of the size and distribution of your operations, this software platform gives your teams universal application support, along with the secure and real-time visibility they need for intelligent and fast decision-making.

Easier, faster deployments

The design of the Command 360 software interface means  operations can be set up in days versus the weeks or months it typically takes with other solutions – whether you have a single-site or multi-site operation. Our team works closely with our customers to understand their vision, identify pain points, and deliver the best solution to meet their exact requirements. Along with our GuardianCare 24/7 support, we are a visual technology partner for the long term.

Easy access to the latest video streaming technology

With its open, modular architecture, this video wall software platform easily integrates with AVIWEST’s live video contribution, distribution, monitoring, and recording solutions, as well as third-party devices and platforms. Command 360 is the most flexible platform to meet constantly changing requirements in today’s mission-critical environments.

Command 360 Manager

Optimize Performance and Security

The AVIWEST Command 360 Manager is an essential component in any AVIWEST MCS video wall. It ensures optimal performance and security. The Command 360 Manager is the hub for critical functions such as creating, managing, and scaling the number of sites and nodes. It also provides a secure gateway and protection against security threats. Command 360 Manager is available as either a device or additional software that is loaded on a virtual machine.

Additional Software Option

Like Command 360, our legacy CineNet software platform provides comprehensive control over an entire video wall system. It is designed with scalability, flexibility, and ease of use in mind, but with a slightly different feature list. With CineNet, you can tailor the system to meet the unique requirements of your missioncritical application. 


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