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Optimized for 4K60 environments and is 8K ready. Display up to 40 4K video windows with no visible latency and up to 56 outputs in a 4RU.

Category: Video Wall Processors
Manufacturer: tvONE
SKU: CM2-547-MK2



CORIOmaster2 – More Pixels Than You Will Ever Need!

tvONE has delivered video wall excellence since 2011. The brand new CORIOmaster2 has been designed from the ground up to give massive performance gains and is the most powerful video processor available on the market for 4K + 8K environments.

A truly massive video design canvas allows for unbridled creativity with more 4K60 windows than you ever imagined:

– Up to 128 video windows: Up to 64 windows per canvas with 128 windows for the total system

– Go large and creative: 360 degree rotation and up to 56 outputs with high bandwidth outputs

– Huge design canvasses: Seamlessly manage multiple walls from a single chassis.

– Multi-user control options: Choose from software, app, 3rd party control or button panel.

– Make it sing: Embedded audio or external audio connectivity.

– Source labelling: Easy identification of IP sources.

 Luma Keying: Add real-time keyed elements to grab viewers attention.

The newest features include:

– Optimized setup for complex LED. Add custom Grid Lines, Markers & Labels

– Easy 8K source management for impressive 8K video using 1 quad 4K workflows

– Fade to black & dissolve transitions provide more pleasing source changes

– Choose a variety of test patterns and grids for setting up projectors and LEDs

– 12G-SDI Support on inputs and outputs for 4K60 broadcast installations


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