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CyanView Cy-RCP IP Camera Controller and Shading




The Cy-RCP is a universal remote control panel compatible with any camera. In fact, any number of cameras can be controlled from a single Cy-RCP and any number of Cy-RCP’s can be used simultaneously, it’s all flexible!

IP-based,  it is ideal for any kind of production (even for remote production) and features physical buttons, rather than a web interface. It has a slightly smaller form factor than regular remote controls but can be set in a frame to fit the standard RCP size, leaving space for accessories like a mini selection panel or a mini joystick.

To work efficiently, the system synchronizes touch-down (and Tally) between the Cy-RCP and matrix: selecting a camera from the Cy-RCP also controls the matrix to switch the vision monitor, and selecting another camera from the matrix panel also changes the displayed camera on the Cy-RCP.

Specialty cameras usually lack video processing features in various ways, meaning that often color correction equipment is added for post-processing and frame sync. We’ve integrated these as well from our Cy-RCP in a seamless blend of camera and post controls. So, whatever is available in the camera head is controlled there and what is missing (i.e. black balance, gamma) is done in the post-production phase by controlling the video corrector. The camera interface stays consistent from one camera to another, on one camera saturation might be applied in the head while on the next one, the same knob will control saturation on the video corrector.

The Cy-RCP is supported by the Cy-CI0 which from a simple RJ45 connection enables control of cameras, lenses, and other accessories via RS232, RS422, RS485, and LANC serial protocols. Power is provided via PoE+.


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