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DirecTV Vantiva COM3000 / COM421 Mini-Chassis Satellite for Enterprise IPTV Live TV & VOD to Desktop Smart TV STB & Mobile Devices


DirecTV Vantica (formerly Technicolor) COM3000 Satellite TV System with COM421 Mini-Chassis, up to 46 Channels

The DirecTV Technicolor COM3000 with COM421 Mini-Chassis has been designed specifically for hotels and enterprise installations where there is a need for a single-wire solution for multiple rooms. The COM3000 with COM421 mini-chassis system offers up to 43 tuners in a scalable system that takes up a small space in an equipment rack. The COM421 is a mimi-chassis that provides the housing for a power supply, 1 GbE backplane, cooling, two DirecTV receivers, and Egde QAM for use in deployments with up to 46 channels.     

It creates a head-end system where every TV can be tuned to its own channel without interfering with other TVs.   The DirecTV COM3000 fully integrates with the VidOvation Enterprise IPTV System to distribute Live TV & Video-on-demand across your enterprise network to Desktops, TVs, Smart TVs, Set-top Boxes, Mobile Devices, Tablets, and more.

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The COM3000 solution has been designed specifically for hotels and similar installations.

Key features:

  • Compact Form Factor

The COM3000 with COM421 offers up to 46 channels of HD video and integrated Edge QAMs in a 1RU COM421 rack-mount chassis. This compact design also results in dramatic power savings compared to typical stacked receiver solutions.

  • HD Content Protection

For High-Definition solutions that require copy protection, the COM51 receiver blades add Pro:Idiom™ or Pro:Idiom Mobile™ encryption to the HD content, which can be played back on any Pro:Idiom™ or Pro:Idiom Mobile™ enabled receiver device or television.

  • Integrated Edge QAM

Available as a plug-in module for the COM421 chassis, the QAM20 reduces overall system costs and simplifies the installation and maintenance of the COM3000. The QAM20, sold as a 16-channel QAM, and can be software upgraded to a 48-channel QAM device two channels at a time, capable of delivering all 46* streams of DIRECTV™ HD content as well as additional locally sourced content.

*Three DIRECTV streams per QAM are possible on a properly balanced system—please ask your distributor or Technicolor for more information.

  • Remote Management

The COM3000, including all the receiver blades and Edge QAMs, can be managed and monitored remotely over the Internet or local network using a simple web browser-based management interface.


The COM421 includes two integrated 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports on the front panel. It contains one slot for an optional QAM20s to be inserted for a maximum of up to 46 QAM channels; and two receiver slots for up to a total of 46 DIRECTV HD streams, utilizing the COM51 receiver blades and SWCOM51 tuner licenses.

The COM400 provides all the receiver blades and QAM20s with a commercial-grade power supply drawing less than 225W of power when fully loaded. This cuts the power usage by more than half when compared to a comparable stacked receiver head-end system and provides for tremendous savings in yearly Operational Expenses associated with video distribution systems.

The COM400 also provides commercial-grade cooling fans in order to meet the grueling demands of harsh commercial environments.


  • COM421 Chassis Dimensions: 3RU (1.75”H x 19” W x 12”D)
  • 1 x QAM20 Edge QAM slots
  • 2 x Receiver slots (COM51, COM51A, COM46 or COM46A)
  • 2 x 1 Gbit Ethernet connectors
  • Commercial Power Supply (120V)
  • Can be daisy-chained with new or previous COM systems for higher channel count installations

As the newest in a family of DIRECTV receivers specifically designed for the commercial market, COM51 adds a new level of density capable of tuning up to 23  high-definition channels as well as capable of tuning DIRECTV 4K content and outputting this content over IP with either Zenith Pro:Idiom™ or Pro:Idiom Mobile™ content protection for HD and 4K broadcasts. The IP output can either be aggregated and distributed using an existing IP network, or it can be sent to the integrated QAM20.  The COM51 can also simultaneously send it’s channel streams to an IP network and QAM without the need for duplicating channels.

The COM51 comes standard with 8 active tuners and can be expanded, via one license tuner at a time to a max of 23 HD channels.

  • 8 HD or SD channels
  • MPEG2 and MPEG4 support
  • UDP/RTP Video Outputs
  • 2 RF SWM or digital SWM inputs
  • Add up to 15 SWCOM51 Tuner Licenses
  • LED Status Indicators
  • Can be daisy-chained with new or previous COM systems for higher channel count installations
  • Pro:Idiom™ & Pro:Idiom Mobile™ content protection

Distribution of content typically requires the use of an Edge QAM device to distribute digital content using an RF cable network. The QAM20 is designed specifically for the COM3000 and fits perfectly into the bottom slot of the COM400 chassis. It provides for sixteen channels of QAM and can modulate 48 HD streams of DIRECTV.  Although you can install two QAM20 Edge QAMs in a COM3000 this will only be needed for high levels of local content insertion or 4K content.

The QAM20 can be easily upgraded to an max of 48 QAM, two at a time using a SWQAM2 key which can be applied to the device. This allows you to maximize the efficiency of the Edge QAM for many specific application.

External content from IP sources can be routed through the QAM20 for RF distribution. This includes content from external sources such as a PC, video camera, or other IP converter.

  • DIRECTV™: Supports up to 3 HD programs per QAM
  • Able to mix HD and SD content on and QAM channel
  • Accepts MPEG over IP content from external sources
  • 2 Channel software license purchase available to upgrade to a maximum of 48 total QAM channel

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