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Distributed and Decentralized Routing

True AoIP Routing for Total Connectivity

Telos Alliance xNodes help form the backbone of a distributed and decentralized Audio-over-IP routing system. With SDI, AES, analog and even microphone and GPIO options available, these compact and cost-effective interfaces help connect your baseband audio devices to a distributed Livewire+ AES67 ‘matrix’ that routes audio using your existing IT infrastructure.

Getting audio around your facility is incredibly easy, because we offer Axia Pathfinder Core PRO, a fully AoIP solution, with no proprietary TDM mainframe sitting in the middle of the system. In other words, our routing control is AoIP not just at the edges of the network, but throughout.

This opens up broadcasters to the world of nonproprietary off-the-shelf products from the IT world, which means a huge cost savings over proprietary solutions. With Pathfinder routing, everyone is able to afford routing control, not just huge studios with big budgets.

With Pathfinder, if it’s on the network, the routing capabilities are endless. Not only is it an all-AoIP solution, but it works hand-in-hand with everything else that is on the audio network thanks to Telos Alliance’s Livewire+™ AES67 protocol, the very first AoIP protocol invented for broadcast. Livewire+ AES67 goes beyond the AES67 standard to not only pass audio, but GPIO, PAD, and Advertising/Discovery info on the network. If you can hear it, you can put it on the air. And if you can talk to it, you can send it a Mix-Minus.


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