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openGear DMX-8259-4C (-8C) 3G / HD / SD SDI Analog Audio De-Embedder


The DMX-8259-4C /-8C is a high quality program audio de-embedder capable of de-embedding up to 8 analog audio channels from an 3G / HD / SD SDI signal. Audio proc amp control on each channel allows for audio processing with gain of ±10dB, audio delay up to 1 second and channel invert.

The DMX-8259-4C /-8C supports any channel assignment to the discrete inputs and can re-map any of the existing embedded channels. Various configuration options, including internally generated patterns and tones, are available for audio and video output scenarios should a loss of input occur.

The DMX-8259-4C features 4 analog outputs and the DMX-8259-8C features 8 analog outputs.



  • Analog audio de-embedding for all popular HD / SD SDI formats
  • Audio proc amp controls; gain, invert, and delay
  • Analog gain processed entirely in the analog domain
  • Assign any embedded channel to any discrete audio output
  • Ability to re-map channels in embedded video stream
  • Programmable video output on SDI input loss
  • Silence output on loss of audio input
  • Programmable silence detection and timeout thresholds
  • No audio breakout cables required
  • 5-year transferable warranty
  • DMX-8259-4C Power: 9.5 watts
  • DMX-8259-8C Power: 11 watts


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