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DOZER ARQ (Automatic Repeat reQuest) delivers real-time video and data error-free over unreliable network segments

DVEO patented ARQ protocol will:oFix UDP packet loss

  • Correct for jitter
  • Discard duplicate packets, and
  • Reorder packets that arrived out of sequence

Built-in Multipath Routing

DVEO-patented*) dynamic, low-latency ARQ protocol adds reliability to UDP and automatically fixes packet loss

DOZER: Apply it to a multitude of uses to save big money dozen + the Internet can replace managed networks

  • Streaming studio-quality live news and sports events over the Internet – flawlessly, maintaining the ingested quality
  • Point-to-multipoint delivery saves on satellite/fiber cost

ARQ = Automatic Repeat reQuest, or Automatic Repeat QueryoARQ protocols aim to guarantee delivery of every packet

  • Some variants not intended for real-time applicationsoPacket recovery overhead is too great for streaming video
  • Selective Repeat ARQ / Selective Reject ARQoDynamic Error Correction with lowest possible latency
    • Use of Negative ACKs and single packet retransmission
    • Designed for real-time applications
    • Pairs perfectly with UDP, designed for real-time demands
  • UDP + ARQ = Automatic packet recovery utilizing variable andadaptive packet processing unlike TCP/IP’s fixed overheadoEnables real-time data transport over any IP network
  1. OSI Layer 2 packet recovery methodology, developed andpatented by DVEO, to enable flawless real-time data delivery
  2. Minimum protocol overhead = lowest possible latency transmit data
  3. Receiver sends Negative ACKs to indicate missing packet(s)
  4. Fast re-transmit of missing packet(s) keeps Live Video live!
  5. Automatic packet de-duplication and reordering
  6. Guaranteed data delivery without the overhead of TCP/IP
  7. Dynamic DOZER buffer auto-adjusts to network condition monitors round trip time between the two end-points
  8. Maintains a buffer of optimal size to recover from any packet loss up to 50% or more

Who Benefits from DOZER ARQ?

  • Cable, IPTV and OTT Operators
  • Live Event Producers and Electronic News Gathering
  • Studios, Programmers, Content Providers and Aggregators
  • Special-interest Content Producers and Distributors
  • Enterprises
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government

Versions and Options

Hardware agnostic, cross-platform protocol, offered as:

    1. DOZERARQ: LIC – SDK/Permanent Software LicenseFor integration in third-party devices: encoders and transcoders,decoders, streamers, routers, CDN media servers, IP gateways, etc.
    2. DOZER™ Rack IP/IP + AES128 – 1 RU
    3. DOZER™ Rack IP/IP: TELCO1 RU, with Redundant Power Supplies and Ports
    4. DOZERbox™ IP/IP + AES128 compact boxEasy to transport and install – Perfect for field-use
      1. DVEO-Embedded DOZER ARQ options:oDOZER ARQ embedded in ARQ Link™ Encoders/Decoders
      2. Option in other DVEO video encoders and transcoders, streamers, media servers, and decoders

DOZER is: Robust: Flawless MPEG-2, H.264, H.265 (SPTS/MPTS) and File Delivery

  • Cross-platform: SDK and Permanent License for Linux and Windows
  • Flexible: Point-to-point or Point-to-multipoint Functionality
  • Secure: Transmissions are AES-128 Encrypted by DOZER
  • Remote Management: SNMP, and Secure Web Access (SSH)
  • Easy to Configure: “Set-and-Forget!”
  • CAPEX and OPEX Friendly: No Annual or Usage Fees
  • Proven: Used by hundreds of DVEO clients 24x7x365 around the world

DOZER Transmitter Tasks

Accept incoming datagrams from external data source

Tag each of the datagrams with two pieces of additional information: A Sequence Number, and

A Virtual Packet Size, consisting of a specific number of bytes required to fill a private data line, or a set of point-to-point virtual circuits, of a predefined bitrate capacity set by the user, in a time equal to an inter-packet interval between the datagrams.

Store each of the tagged datagrams

Transmit the tagged datagrams to a Virtual DOZERTunnel

Upon receiving a Negative ACK notification, re-transmit a specific datagram as stored earlier

DOZER Receiver Tasks

Receive, from the Virtual DOZER Tunnel, datagrams transmitted by DOZER Transmitter

Detect, based on Sequence Number, loss of one or more datagrams, and send Negative ACK notification

Insert datagrams received into a buffer based on Sequence Number with the exclusion of any duplicate datagrams received

Maintain the buffer at a limited size by releasing datagrams from the buffer on a FIFO (first-in, first-out)basis, at a rate determined by the Virtual Packet Size and a user-determined fixed delay and the predefined bitrate capacity

Remove the Sequence Number and Virtual Packet Size from released datagrams

Output released datagrams to external target application/device

Applications where the low-latency DOZER ARQ protocol is a great tool toovercome unreliable links and ensure flawless video transport:Reliable Content Transport over the Internet

Long Distance Content Transport – Intercontinental and Country-to-Country

Telco Grade Media Delivery Networks

Internet TV

Flawless Live Events Contribution Video Transport for CDN or Studio Ingest

(Private) CDNs and Virtual Managed Networks using the Internet

Broadcast Quality Studio-to-Transmitter Links and Studio-to-Affiliate Interconnects

Backup or Substitute for Managed Networks and Satellite Links

Global and Enterprise HD Content Delivery

Integrated Live, Recorded and File-Based Communications

Health Care, e.g. Video-based Collaboration including Tele Surgery

Video Conferencing

Internet Video Gaming


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