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DPFX-200-TR; 4K@60hz DisplayPort 1.2 Extender



DPFX-200-TR; 4K@60hz DisplayPort 1.2 Extender

Optical DisplayPort extender, DPFX-200-TR is designed compact enough to be fitted into various installation environments with two (2) LC fibers connection.

The transmitter and receiver set, DPFX-200-TR enables to transmit 4K (4096×2160) at 60Hz signal up to 200m (656feet) over two (2) LC multi-mode fibers, avoiding any tricks like scaling or data compression for lessening a burden of data transmission.

Between the transmitter and the receiver, pure fiber connection by two (2) LC fibers connector gives clean, secure and easy installation with a perfect electrical isolation and no electrical hazard. The DPFX-200-TR can be operated by USB power without external DC power adapter by plugging the supplied USB to DC plug cables to each module.

Tech Specs

• Supports 4K and DisplayPort 1.2 standards
• Extends 4K (4096×2160) at 60Hz
• Transmits DP data up to 200m (656feet) over two (2) LC multi-mode fibers (50/125um).
• Offers total data rate 21.6Gbps (5.4Gbps per lane)
• Supports Dual-mode DP (DP++)
• Supports Auxiliary /l²C channel over fiber
• Supports Multi-Stream transport
• Compact design allows direct connect to the DP display.
• Plug & Play
• Auto power switching
• Data security with negligible EMI emission.
• Certifies FCC and CE standards for EMI/RFI emission


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