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FiberSaver 12G


FiberSaver 12G


More optical signals over fewer fibers

The FS Series helps engineers send and receive more optical signals over fewer fibers. When fiber is limited in metropolitan areas, stadiums and facilities, it can be a challenge or even impossible to get every optical signal on a CWDM wavelength for single fiber transport. The FS12G-Series offers wavelength ignostic inputs, giving the ability to multiplex any digital optical signal over one fiber in either direction.

For example, a user can deploy one strand of fiber and have 9 SMPTE cameras at one and their 9 CCUs at the other or take the fiber from a distant HD transmitter and combine it with several optical matrix outputs in an OB van.

Available in increments of 6 channels up to 36 in 1RU, the FS12G-series offers a scalable and cost effective solutions when compared to running new fiber, in most cases.

In addition, the FS-12G-Series is inherently an optical repeater, since each signal is internally relaunched in its appropriate wavelength, affording extended distances of up to 80K. In addition to below example, signals can be configured to run in either directing on the fiber.


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