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A Stand–Alone Fiber-Optic Media Converter for 10/100/1000Base TX to 1000Base–SX/LX.

The FMX–GE100 is a stand–alone optical fiber media converter for 10/100/1000Base TX to 1000Base–SX/LX. When auto–negotiation is selected, two units will automatically tailor themselves to convert speed or duplex, depending on your specific network needs. Another unique feature of the FMX–GE1000 converter is the use of a common PCB card which may either be placed in the rack (FMX301 series line card) or used as a stand–alone converter.

But what makes the VDA–2419 truly unique is that it incorporates an integrated cross–point matrix that allows not only the ability to assign a given input signal to one or more outputs, but also to enable and disable outputs should the need arise. We have also incorporated an automatic fail–over mode that, when selected, will switch to the second input should the signal in the first input somehow fail or become corrupted. Optionally, the card can accept an SDI input signal via optical fiber and/or output a signal to optical fiber for installations with mixed cable topographies.

  • Ability to force 10Mbps or 100Mbps or 1000Mbps on UTP port
  • Auto-Negotiation on UTP port
  • Full or Half-Duplex on UTP port
  • Max. Packet Size: 1632 Bytes
  • Store and Forward Switching Mechanism
  • Supports Auto / Force Mode on FX port


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