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Option +FS allows full-featured frame sync to be added to models such as our 9501-DCDA-3G Down-Converter/DA with 3G/HD/SD-SDI Input model, offering the full suite of frame sync features found on our 9922-FS model.

Advanced frame sync features include per-channel audio delay, audio/video offset, and output rate conversion to and from 23.98/29.97/29.94 to 24/30/60 frame rates. Frame sync can select from multiple reference inputs, with failover to alternate selected sources. Frame sync source can use either of two frame references or internal reference.

The software can be ordered with card purchase, or activated later using a downloadable feature key via free DashBoard™ remote control/monitoring software (no need to remove or replace card.)

+FS option is available for the following cards and models on product purchased new or as field software upgrade:

• 9501-DCDA, 9502-DCDA, 9902-DC-4K, 9934-AUD-PRO, BBG-1002-DC-4K,


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