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One-Way Indoor Optical Node

The FTTB-1218-1W (One-Way Indoor Optical Node) converts the optical signal received from the headend into a +28 dBmV RF output with a -1 dBm optical input. The compact housing includes an optical receiver and wide bandwidth RF amplifier having a frequency range of 50-1218 MHz.

The FTTB-1218-1W node has one optical input, one RF output, one -20 dB RF test port, and one 12 VDC power port. Optical input status of the node can be easily verified by the tri-color LED indicator. Additionally, the node also features a calibrated DC test port for accurately determining the received optic input level with a common DC voltmeter, eliminating the need for a fiber power meter.


• 1218 MHz low noise GaAs amplifier

• 28 dBmV RF output at -1 dBm optical input

• High linearity photodiode

• Die-cast aluminum housing for indoor installation

• Tri-color LED indicating optical input status

• Optical input power DC test port

• -20 dB RF test port

• Convenient 12 VDC powering


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