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openGear GPI-8941 General Purpose Interface Card


The GPI-8941 is a General Purpose Interface Card that is housed in the openGear modular chassis. The card is designed to provide a way for customers to integrate GPI/GPO capability into their systems in a scalable, cost effective fashion. The GPI-8941 can be purchased as 16 or 32 GPI input, 16 or 32 GPO output, or a combination of 16 GPI input and 16 GPO output configurations.

Each output is switched using isolated relays and can be configured as a contact closure or voltage source output. Each Opto-isolated input can be configured as a contact closure (current sense) or voltage sense input. Each bank of 16 contacts is broken out to a 37-pin D-sub connector on the rear module. An install kit is provided to ease of wiring and configuration.

Up to 10 modules can fit into a 2RU chassis, which could be configured for up to 320 GPI circuits. Control and configuration is via Dashboard control software, and is fully supported in DashBoard CustomPanels for customized user applications. In addition, Rosstalk is supported for a tight integration with Ross products, third party applications, and can be easily integrated into end-user applications.



  • Fully isolated design. Better protection than basic TTL-style GPIs found in a lot of equipment
  • Dry contact-closures can be used in Tally systems
  • DashBoard Integration
  • Modular, scalable
  • openGear platform


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