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30 IP input 24 QAM Output Digital Channel Modulator 

Edge QAM Modulator for IPTV backbone to Clear QAM RF 

Part Number# H-IPRF-3024

Input: 30x IP (UDP)  :  Outputs: 24x QAM-256

Thor part number H-IPRF systems are high density card based modulator chassis.  Card bays support T108 modulator cards with two independent systems per card, each with 4x adjacent QAM-256 outputs and 5 UDP IP addresses and ports.  Each IP input can support MPTS inputs up to 108 Mbps, with the total input per Gigabit Ethernet port having a maximum aggregate program stream input up to 870 Mbps.   This capacity allows the 3024 chassis to modulate up to 96 HD programs per chassis, or up to 400 SD programs when properly configured on QAM-256.  The front panel has keyed switches for both power supply units, as well as a toggle for the alarm system.  When armed, the unit will emit an audible alarm tone when an alarm event such as a lost video input is detected.  The mainboard in the chassis includes a high capacity TS multiplexer that is able to route programs from one input card to another.  This allows any input on any card to be dynamically remapped in any arrangement to any output configuration.  This provides full matrix routing of all programs for cherry picking custom lineups for the RF outputs.  Thor H-IPRF systems are the highest density digital channel modulators available.  This platform is ideal for corporate MATV and hospitality industries.


  • High Density Clear QAM Modulator System for IP to RF
  • Each card supports 2 independent systems, dual power supplies
  • 8 Full QAM-256 outputs per card in two groups of 4 adjacent channels
  • Available in 3x (H-IPRF-3024) or 12x (H-IPRF-12096) card chassis
  •  Every 4 adjacent RF carriers independently managed system
  • Supports worldwide DVB standards: QAM, 8VSB, DVB-T, DVB-C, and ISDB-T
  • Front panel indicators for alarm status and system event errors
  • IP Input for use with IPTV Media Servers and Internet CDN Services
  • Assign up to 30x IP address:port for 3 card, up to 120x IP for 12 card



2x Gigabit Etherent RJ-45 or SFP Interface

Stream Protocol

UDP-TS Multicast or Unicast IGMP V2/V3

Code Rate

108 Mbps / channel

840 Mbps / card

Input Channels

Up to 10 IP Addresses / Ports

Output Channels

Up to 8 IP Addresses / Ports

Max PIDs

Process up to 256 unique PIDs

Multiplexing Functions

PID Remapping

PCR Fine Tuning

PSI / SI Generation

RF Outputs

8x QAM

RF Standards


Symbol Rates

5.0 – 7.0 Msps

RF Interface

2x Type-F (4 Carriers per terminal)

RF Frequency

45 – 870 MHz

RF Adjustment -14 dBm – 6 dBm

Power Input

100-240 VAC Auto Switching ~ 20 W


630 x 440 x 44 mm


9.5 kg

Operating Temperature

0 – 45 C