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IP to HD/SD SDI  Integrated Receiver Decoder H-IRD-V3-IP

Hardware Decoder for IP TS Stream,  ASI,  and  RF Carriers (optional)  with Multiple Video Outputs

Output broadcast quality video with embedded stereo audio on the HD-SDI interface. Composite D1 video and balanced analog audio are also supported for legacy NTSC or PAL environments. The decoder can down convert HD 1080i or 720 P to Composite or SDI.

This basic level IRD provides broadcast level video decoding of encoded video from satellite or terrestrial RF sources.  This platform is ideally suited for decoding ASI inputs, and can easily cycle through MPTS programs via the front panel.  Limited functionality is provided from the front panel.  All system configuration settings can be made via stand alone NMS software.  Outputs include HD-SDI, Component Video, HDMI, and Composite Analog.  Additionally Digital and optical audio outputs are provided.  Support for conditional access systems is provided via two PCMCIA slots for CAM card adapters.  This platform is designed to reduce cost when advanced features are not needed.


Program Decoding to HD-SDI, HDMI, YPbPr, & CVBS with Toslink and XLR audio

Thor H-HD-IRD series Integrated Receiver Decoders have several applications for decoding program content to broadcast quality video.  Equipped with every major video signal output, including HD-SDI, Thor H-HD-IRD units can provide HD video to any display or professional video system.  Also available are modern digital audio outputs on both optical Toslink and XLR connectors.  Dolby AC/3 audio pass through is standard, and closed caption support for both 608 and 708 captioning systems is present.  The V3 platform adds a front panel LCD video display for confidence monitoring, as well as an internal program multiplexer for combining content from both ASI and IP sources simultaneously.  The web interface displays all available programs and corresponding PID’s.  Each program can be independently added to either the ASI or IP outputs.  The all selected programs are multiplexed into a single MPTS output.  Additionally, the IP output can be configured for up to 32 SPTS single program stream outputs, each with different address and port settings.  This allows the V3 system to be used as an intelligent ASI to IP or RF to IP Gateway with add drop and ASI multiplexing capabilities.  Combined multi program transport streams carried over IP can also be separated into their corresponding single program streams.  The RF tuner can be configured for QAM, 8VSB (ATSC), DVB-T, DVB-C, or DVB-S2 signal sources.  Two CAS card slots allow decoded of encrypted programing.  Thor HD-IRD units can be used for converting broadband programing to uncompressed HD video, as well as multiplexing and retransmitting programs to both ASI and IP outputs.  Thor HD-IRD systems are a reliable and versatile platform for broadcast program decoding and TS protocol conversion.


  • H.264 and MPEG-2 Hardware Decoding to HD-SDI, HDMI, YPbPr, and CVBS Outputs
  • Low cost broadcast grade satellite IRD or ASI decoder
  • Front panel program selection for MPTS ASI inputs
  • Dual PCMCIA slots for CAM card adapters to support conditional access services
  • Stand alone network managment software for device configuration and monitoring


  • Input

– Network IP 

  1x MPTS UDP or RTP

  1-32x SPTS UDP or RTP

– RF Tuner – ATSC or QAM or DVB-S/S2


  • Supported Output Resolutions

HD-SDI 1080i, 720p, 720i, 576i, 480i

HDMI 1080i, 720p, 720i

YPbPr 1080i, 720p, 720i

CVBS 576i, 480i

  • Video Codecs

MPEG4 (H.264) and  MPEG-2

  • Audio Codecs

MPEG1 Layer 2, MPEG2 Layer 2

 Dolby AC/3, HD-AAC V2, LC-AAC

  • ASI Input

1x BNC 188/204 format up to 200 Mbps

  • IP Input

1x RJ-45 10/100 UDP or RTP up to 85 Mbps

  • RF Input

1x Type-F

ATSC-T: 54-860 MHz  6M Bandwidth

QAM: 47-860 MHz  QAM16, 32, 64, 128, 256

DVB-S: 950-2150 MHz  Symbol Rate 2-45 MBaud

DVB-S2: 950-2150 MHz  QPSK 1-45 MBaud

DVB-T: 145-870 MHz  6, 7, 8 M Bandwidth

DVB-C: 45-870 MHz  QAM16, 32, 64, 128, 256

ISDB-T: 153-858 MHz  6, 7, 8 M Bandwidth

  • Audio Output

2x BNC – Analog Unballanced

2x XLR – Digital AES/EBU

1x Toslink – Digital Optical

  • IP Transport Stream Output


1-32x SPTS UDP or RTP

  • ASI Transport Stream Output

2x ASI Multiplexed Output

2x ASI Tuner Pass Through

  • Managment Interface

Web Based Browser Interface

Full Front Panel LCD Interface

Front Panel LCD Video Monitor

  • Dimensions

20 x 18 x 1~1/2 Inches 

  • Weight

7 lbs

  • Operating Temperature

28º ~110º F