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Haivision CineLink KVM

Multi-channel KVM Over IP for a Scalable AV/IP Network

Haivision MCS’s CineLink KVM encoder and access point devices provide seamless streaming and control of your content from remote workstations. They are configured as a point-to-point or networked KVM devices and deliver multiple video, keyboard, mouse, USB 2.0, and audio signals using a single fiber optic or copper cable. They are ideal for organizations that looking to increase the security of their systems, reduce the amount of hardware in their control rooms, and provide remote access to critical data from any computer. When paired with an Alpha FX video wall processor, CineLink KVM devices create a scalable AV/IP system on an existing network.

For environments where ensuring redundancy is critically important, we also offer two Redundant Power Supply Unit options. The single density unit powers up to four CineLink KVM E2, E4, AP2, or AP4 devices. The dual density unit powers up to eight devices simultaneously.

Key Benefits

  • Controlled with user-friendly Command 360 software 
  • Enhanced KVM security and monitoring
  • Reduce the amount of hardware in control rooms
  • Seamless streaming content control from remote locations
  • Each device supports multiple video streams at once
  • Easy plug-and-play setup
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Efficient Multi-System Control

The CineLink KVM E4 encoders stream up to four displays from a single host. The CineLink KVM AP4 access points display and control up to four separate computer systems simultaneously with a single keyboard and mouse set. By moving the mouse across a multi-screen desktop, users seamlessly shift control from one target source system to another. For applications requiring fewer displays, the CineLink KVM E2 streams up to two displays from a single host. The CineLink KVM AP2 manages up to two separate computer systems.

Enhanced KVM Security & Monitoring

These devices deliver a secure, high-performance IP KVM solution that integrates seamlessly into an existing IT infrastructure in-line with an organization’s security policies and guidelines. CineLink KVM include the most advanced encryption technologies, HTTPs secure communication protocol, user permissions and password protection, port-based authentication, network segmentation, and the ability to restrict or whitelist USB 2.0 devices as needed.

Remote Collaboration

Since CineLink KVM devices work on both LAN and private WAN infrastructures, users easily access any system from anywhere around the world for seamless workflows between teams. With access and control of systems from any remote location, your organization will securely maximize information sharing for improved collaboration and decision making.

High Availability

The encoders and access points remove a single point of failure by storing all device settings and connectivity rules in each device. The devices include two network interface ports that are configurable for link redundancy. They intelligently adjust its internal processing parameters to deliver a resilient KVM system that minimizes downtime for mission-critical operations.

Easy Plug-and-Play Setup

Since CineLink KVM devices are natively integrated with video wall software, you can simply connect to your content sources and stream them directly to your video wall. Once installed on your network, they are automatically detected by the software. The devices are designed to be rack mounted in a secure space.

Flexible Implementations

CineLink KVM encoders and access points are designed to easily adapt to changing requirements without the need for extensive programming and costly upgrades. You can easily add content sources, expand, and change your system as needed using the intuitive

CineLink KVM E4

The CineLink E4 model can stream up to four displays from a single host.

CineLink KVM AP4

This device can display and control up to four separate computer systems.

CineLink KVM E2

The CineLink KVM E2 can stream up to two displays from a single host.

CineLink KVM AP2

CineLink KVM AP2 devices can display and control up to two separate computer systems.


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