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Haivision – Makito X Harsh Encoder


The Makito Harsh Environment Encoder is an industrial-grade fanless appliance designed for high operating temperature environments within static deployment applications.

The Makito X family of H.264 encoders and decoders for harsh environments delivers a complete field proven video solution offering confidence, security, and reliability with a mature feature set.



High quality video in low bandwidth environments

The Makito X solves the most demanding encoding and video distribution challenges. It is available as a single or dual channel appliance within an industrial-grade robust enclosure.

Tuned to excel in low bandwidth environments, the Makito X gives you twice the quality or uses half the bandwidth compared to other ISR encoders.

Matched with the Makito Harsh Decoder to provide extremely low end-to-end latency, the Makito Harsh delivers pristine quality at sub-2 Mbps bitrates.

This Makito for harsh environments is ideal for border monitoring and ISR mission-critical applications, delivering performance video where it’s needed most.

Harsh environments

Industrial-grade fanless enclosure for high operating temperature environments.

Low end-to-end latency

Supports mission-critical distribution and interactive communication challenge.

4 HD Encoding engines

Flexible encoding & compression, adapting to different network environments & applications.

Multiple destinations per stream

Target different systems, networks, users, and platforms individually.

Network adaptive encoding

Automatic bitrate adjustment based on network conditions.

AES 256 bit encryption

Secure unicast or multicast end-to-end video distribution.

Metadata support

Insert synchronized KLV into the MPEG stream from IP, embedded, or serial data sources.


Maintain video quality over unqualified networks and low cost public internet connections.


Lowest end-to-end latency
in the industry

With up to 2 inputs and 4 encoding engines per appliance, the Makito X carries forward the strong heritage of the Makito family with features designed to address the most rigorous video applications.

Combining KLV and CoT metadata support makes the Makito X ideal for Full Motion Video (FMV) applications in government and military.


Advanced video
network management

Integrated features such as snapshots, logo insertion, Selective Mute™, talkback, and powerful control interfaces enable advanced video network management in medical applications.

Multi-bitrate (MBR) encoding to unicast, multicast, and RTMP enables administrators to direct many unique streams groomed to specific desktop and mobile viewers, set-top boxes, recorders, and internet destinations.



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