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Haivision Multi-Campus Coaching


The Haivision Multi-Campus Coaching service, powered by the Haivision Media Platform, gives you the tools to assess the impact of your worship set and message delivery in real-time or via recorded on-demand video.

Through continual review and improvement, your ministry can provide a truly life changing experience.



Viewing on any screen

By leveraging simple to use cameras at each campus to send low-latency encoded video streams to an easy to use video management portal back at the main campus, ministries have the power to ensure their message is being delivered and received with maximum impact.

Whether you are reviewing backstage during the sermon, after the sermon with the pastoral team, or even when you’re on-the-go, AVIWEST Multi-Campus Coaching gives you the flexibility to securely watch all aspects of your services on your desktop computer, on televisions in staff meetings, or even on mobile devices from anywhere.


All multi-site video content is securely encrypted, managed and accessed behind your ministry’s firewall, ensuring that only the intended audience is able to watch.

Leveraging the same encryption used in mission- critical Broadcast and Defense workflows, and tying in to your ministry’s network permissions, you have complete control of how, when and where multi-site content is reviewed.


AVIWEST works in close collaboration with our ministry partners, providing 24/7 support to ensure that all your events take place smoothly and as intended.

Our team will help get you set up and running fast, so that you can focus on delivering the message without worrying about the technology.

Real-Time Review

Remotely watch worship experiences to ensure messages are conveyed as intended

Multi-Site Session Viewing

High quality viewing and recording of camera feeds from remote campuses

Metadata Tagging & HotMarks

Powerful and flexible search tools

Schedule Multi-Site Sessions

Set up to review and/or record your services in advance

End-to-end Solution

High performance hardware, enterprise class software and cloud provisioning

Authenticated Security

AES 128- & 256-bit encryption, SSO & LDAP


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