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CineView III LCD Displays

Your Ultimate Visualization System Designed and Delivered by the Industry Experts

Haivision MCS offers a complete portfolio of best-in-class video wall displays. Each type of display panel includes its own range of premium features and customization options. Our technology is engineered for the most demanding applications. Haivision displays deliver outstanding visual performance, flexibility, and reliability. Every system is purpose-built, customized to meet the unique demands of our customer’s use-case and environment.



CineView III LCD Displays

Our CineView III LCD video wall displays deliver unparalleled brightness, visual performance, and reliability. They offer ultra-narrow bezels and a thin-profile design. CineView III LCDs create an immersive visual canvas for almost any content. They are also built to last and provide extreme longevity.

Outstanding Visual Performance and Reliability for Mission-Critical Applications

AVIWEST offers a full selection of high-performance LCD video walls. The CineView III LCD represents the next generation in LCD technology. These displays deliver unparalleled brightness and visual performance. Offering ultra-narrow bezels and a thin-profile design, CineView III LCDs create an immersive display platform for your content. Developed for mission-critical operations, CineView III LCD display panels are reliable 24/7 and offer extreme longevity and value.

Our CineView III LCD video walls feature ultra-narrow bezels and slimmest installation depths. They are available in 55” display size with screen-to-screen bezel widths as narrow as 0.88 mm. They are available at either 500 or 700 nits brightness levels and can be tiled with various mounting options. Premium options such as touch-control and a fiber optic video extender are also available. No matter what options you choose, your new LCD video wall will be purpose-built to meet your requirements and integrated at your facility by our expert installers.

Key Features

  • Next-generation LCD video wall system
  • Bezel width as low as 0.88 mm
  • Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Native Cat6 and fiber optic video input
  • Precise alignment
  • Thinnest profile in the industry
  • Simplified content management through Command 360

The Next Generation of LCD Technology

CineView III LCDs are designed and developed by video wall experts. They are purposefully engineered to address typical LCD video wall installation difficulties – mounting and alignment, serviceability, intuitive and flexible control, performant image processing, and 24/7 performance reliability.

The display panel was built to address the highest potential points of failure due to heat and electronics complexity. Their advanced design isolates the power supply and video processing from the LCD display, locating them in an easily accessible and serviceable equipment rack.

Designed for Reliability and 24/7 Operation

These displays provide best-in-class reliability and were engineered to meet the most extreme requirements for up-time and round-the-clock use. The LCD video wall power supplies are housed in an equipment rack remote from the wall and are hot-swappable to avoid service disruption. The electronics of each display have a mean time between failure (MTBF) of over 150,000 hours (or 17+ years).
For an extra degree of security in applications involving highly sensitive information, AVIWEST’s CineView III optional fiber optic extender is available. It provides a tamper-proof signal and a greater distance between the CineView III LCD video wall and the equipment rack.

Built for mission critical operation
  • Designed for 24/7/365 operation
  • 150,000+ hour Mean Time between Failure (MTBF)
  • Rack-mounted power and electronics
  • Hot-swappable power supplies
  • Redundant power supplies (optional)
  • 24/7 remote and onsite GuardianCare support (optional)
  • Diagnostic feedback and reporting
  • Three-year warranty, extendable to four or five years*
    *Ask us about our exclusive, no-cost 5-year extended warranty program for Federal projects!

Intuitive and Powerful Operational Control

The content displayed on CineView III LCD video walls is controlled using Command 360, AVIWEST’s industry-leading video wall management software. Users with advanced permissions can exercise complete control over the content displayed on the wall using a browser-based, drag & drop interface. They can group, resize, stretch, or tile content over the desired displays at native resolution. Users can also annotate content with built-in whiteboarding, stream IP sources, create custom layouts, control external devices, and much more.

Command 360 also provides non-technical users with an ultra-simplified interface. This allows users to easily complete a complex series of pre-built tasks. With the touch of a button they can power on the video wall, set the room lighting, enable the audio system, set the volume, display a specific layout, or more.

Engineered for Efficient Installation & Service

These LCD displays are designed to simplify mounting and alignment with a unique front-access mounting system that allows for precise alignment, in-wall servicing, and an extremely low, ADA-compliant profile depth from the wall (as low as 3.6”).

Serviceability is maximized with the CineView III’s rack-mounted power supply and video controller. This means technicians can service the panels without requiring access to the video wall which helps your team avoid operational disruption. The equipment rack for the CineView III LCD video wall’s power supply and video controller can be placed up to 200 feet from the video wall. This provides some additional room design flexibility while eliminating the need for costly extender cables. The displays are front-access, so they do not need to be removed from the wall for maintenance.

Electronics developed for serviceability and security
  • Rack-mounted power supply and graphics processor
  • Hot-swappable power supplies
  • Redundant power supplies (optional)
  • Fiber optic extender (optional)
  • HDCP compliance
  • Front-access
Optimal mechanical design
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Profile as low as 3.6” – ADA compliant
  • Simple alignment system
  • Fanless operation at display
  • Wall, free-standing, and curved mounting options


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