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HDAExt-RX YPbPr Component Audio/SPDIF Extender over CAT5 UTP Receiver

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HDAExt-RXYPbPr Component Audio/SPDIF Extender over CAT5UTP Receiver to extend YPbPr and Digital Audio over CAT5 Cable.

The HDAExt-RX YPbPr Component Audio/SPDIF Extender Transmitter allows you to use a single Category 5 cable to HDTV + Digital Audio up to 500 ft to 8 different locations using HDAExt-RX Receivers. It is used in pairs and supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p video formats for hi-definition (HDTV) video applications.


  • VIDEO INPUT (RCA Connector)
  • Green color for Y, Blue color for Pb, Red color for Pr,
  • Audio: Optical Coaxal Audio for SPDIF, 3.5mm analog audio input
  • Support :480I /480p/720p/1080i/1080p
  • Transmission range: 300 meters ( Max.)
  • CABLE FOR RJ-45:Twisted Pair CAT 5 (AWG24)
  • Bandwidth Video: 60Mz, 3dB roll off, Digital Audio: 25MHz, 1dB roll off
  • Insert Loss: video 1dB for 0.1Mhz. Gradually increasing to 3.0dB over the frequency range Insert Loss audio Less than 1dB per pair over the frequency range
  • Return Loss video Greater than 15dB over the frequency range
  • Return Loss audio Greater than 15dB over the frequency range
  • Common Mode Rejection video – 55db max.
  • Temperature Operation: 0 to 55C, Storage: -20 TO 85C, Humidity: up to 95%
  • Distance: 300 meters (Max.)
  • CABLE FOR RJ-45 Twisted Pair CAT 5 (AWG24)
  • Video Gain: Y. Pb, Pr
  • Temperature: Operation: 0 to 55C, Storage: -20 TO 85C, Humidity: up to 95%


  • 4 RCA connector to RJ45 female.
  • RJ45 for CAT5 cable, 4 RCA connectors for Green (Y), Blue(Pb), Red( Pr), Audio, Optical Audio Designed for Component video signal and Digital Audio transmission over CAT 5 UTP cable Digital Audio: coaxial or optical interface Up to 300 meters for video and Digital audio. Active type, with external power.
  • Support HDTV signal up to 300 meters (480I /480p/720p/1080i).
  • Perfect for DVD, VCR, DVR, TV, DVB Satellite receivers, monitors, home theater, high end game player – PSP/PS3, high end video conference terminal and other equipment supporting component video.

Offers a high quality component video signal for use on plasma and LCD displays.


Shopping malls, public address systems, airports, train & bus stations, schools, churches, restaurants, stores, showrooms, boardrooms, window displays, trade shows, exhibitions, computer based training.

AV and Digital Signage: CAT5 YPbPr Digital Audio Extending Solution you can broadcast a single video screen, with sound, to multiple remote monitors at distances up to 300/600m (1000/2000ft) away. The system includes a central control unit at the broadcast source, and a choice of remote units for the remote monitor locations. Each remote unit is connected via a single, easily installed CAT5 cable, reducing cable clutter. Truly a plug and play solution.


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