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Next Generation Digital Video/Data Microwave Systems

Product Features

  • Available in Simplex, Duplex, Hot-Standby and Spatial
  • Diversity Receive configurations
  • Space efficient, all indoor, 2RU rack-mount design
  • Ultra-high linear broadband RF power amplifiers
  • Exceptional system gain performance
  • High capacity ASI & Gigabit Ethernet IP data transport
  • Automatic transmitter power control, adaptive code modulation and user selectable modulations from QPSK to 256 QAM
  • Channel bandwidths conform to ANSI and ETSI standards
  • Intuitive web-based monitoring and system control GUI

Next Generation Digital Video/Data Microwave Systems

IPLink combines the features of an all-indoor broadcast digital microwave point-to-point radio system with the modern efficiencies of a high-capacity long-distance bi-directional IP microwave radio design. It allows the broadcaster to smoothly migrate from the traditional ASI transport platform to a future IP-centric system architecture.

The system delivers ultra-high linear RF output performance coupled with the reliability that LDPC forward error correction (FEC) affords in controlling errors in data transmissions over long or unreliable microwave paths.

IPLink-SM provides a cost effective alternative “split-mount” (IDU/ODU) solution to that of the “all-indoor” IPLink microwave system and features many of the same broadcast-centric interfaces. It is designed to be used for wireless bi-directional TCP/IP Ethernet applications supporting both ANSI and ETSI duplex channel offset frequency plans.


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