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Portable Power Supply For Production Environments
Without A Power Infrastructure.

MultiDyne’s Juice-48 is a robust portable power supply, allowing users to send signals from the camera up to 300 meters without the need for local power or batteries. It can be built into the camera base stations 1-RU frame or housed separately. When built into the base station, it enables simple plug-and-play operation and delivery of up to 100 watts of power to 300 meters. When used externally (pictured), the system increases user flexibility with regards to where the power can be located, enabling a wider range of cabling topologies and transmission distances to be realized.

Pairing any of the MultiDyne SilverBack camera-mounted transceiver products with Juice transmits any camera signal, including HD-SDI video, audio, intercom, control data, GPIOs, tally, and power, making it the perfect solution for news, sports, ENG, D-SNG, OB, and multicamera studio applications.

  • Provide power to SMPTE cameras and other equipment
  • Single-mode fiber cable
  • Can be built into the camera base station
  • 1-RU frame or housed separately
  • Send signals up to 300 meters, without requiring local power or batteries
  • Useful at golf courses, sports and entertainment venues as well as multi-venue sporting events without a power infrastructure


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