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LRBox Ancillary Data Insertion, Extraction and Bridging Platform


The LRBox platform is a versatile and cost-effective 100% hardware platform offering 3G/HD/SD-SDI I/Os with modular features.

It provides on-the-fly video ancillary data insertion, extraction, and bridging capabilities, together with On-Screen-Display engine for monitoring.

Hardware Specifications:
  • One SDI input/output pair with automatic and triggerable by-pass relay
  • One SDI switchable input or output, depending on the installed modular feature (see below)
  • Ethernet and USB port, both usable for configuration and active operation
  • Regular +5V power supply with industrial-grade secured connector, very low power consumption
  • Provided in a standalone box with optional shelf or wall -mount bracket kit, or 19″ rack-mounted with redundant power supplies, or as a single card (Eurocard size, 160mmx100mm) for OEMs
  • In-the-Field upgradable, using secured firmware authentication
  • 100% hardware-based: No mechanical parts, no embedded OS, near-instant startup, extremely secure and reliable
  • No frame delay
Modular Features:
One or more (when relevant/possible) of these features can be provided on a per-platform basis:
  • WSTMon: WST / OP42 / OP-47 / ST-2031 subtitles decoder and monitor
  • WSTExt: WST / OP42 / OP-47 / ST-2031 decoder and data packets extractor
  • WSTIns: WST / OP42 / OP-47 / ST-2031 subtitles inserter
  • WSTBri: WST / OP42 / OP-47 / ST-2031 data bridge
  • CCMon: CEA608 / CEA708 Closed Captions decoder and monitor
  • CCExt: CEA608 / CEA708 decoder and data extractor
  • CCIns: CEA608 / CEA708 Closed Captions inserter (including 608 to DTVCC translator)
  • CCBri: CEA608 / CEA708 data bridge
  • B37Ins: ARIB B37 captions inserter
  • B37Ext: ARIB B37 decoder and data extractor
  • VIDGen: video test pattern generator with automatic takeover feature
  • VidMon: basic, remote-controlled, video and audio status analyzer with OSD
  • AUDOut: audio de-embedder with analog stereo output (requires an internal hardware add-on)
  • AUDExt: audio de-embedder and data extractor
  • 104Ins: SCTE104 inserter (a.k.a. “proxy”)
  • SBIns: Frame accurate scoreboard data encoder and inserter as video ancillary data    NEW!
  • SBMon: Frame accurate scoreboard ancillary data decoder and OSD     NEW!



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