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Marshall CV420-30X

4K60 30x 12GSDI, IP (HEVC) & HDMI

The CV420-30X is a 30X optical zoom 12G-SDI camera utilizes a professional grade 8.5 Megapixel Sony sensor to capture crisp 4K (UHD) video up to 3840x2160p at 60fps through multiple output interfaces including 12GSDI, HDMI and IP (HEVC/SRT). Marshall’s straight forward design and ease of use make this camera a valuable camera for a wide variety of broadcast and professional A/V applications. CV420-30X can be setup through the one-cable to camera alternative which uses one Ethernet (CAT) cable to carry power (PoE), video, audio, tally and control over IP.

Ultra-Long 30x Optical Zoom Range

The long 30X optical zoom lens offers an extended zoom range from 4.6mm to 135mm starting at just under 70° all the way out to 3° horizontal angle-of-view for maintaining image crispness from ultra-wide to ultra-long telephoto shots.