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Peplink MAX BR1 Pro 5G

Sonic for a Reason

The ‘classic goes sonic’, why? The BR1 Pro 5G is integrated with the new generation multi-core CPU ensuring delivery of gigabit speeds. Achieving 8 times faster than the original BR1 classic.


Why Settle For An Adapter
When You Can Get The Full Suite?

5G Adapter

Need a simple 5G adapter? Add a 5G WAN to any existing router or firewall without the need to replace any of your devices.

5G Router / Gateway

Why stop there? It can also serve as a powerful 5G router for your network. No matter if it’s C-Band or LTE, you’ll be able to add cellular connectivity easily to your network.

Fixed or Mobile

Supercharged with SpeedFusion, use the BR1 Pro 5G as the central router for your branch network. Guarantee unbreakable connections for important applications, like video calls, POS systems and more.

Wi-Fi 6

Experience less interference and connect to multiple devices simultaneously.

Deploy with Confidence

Just like the original BR1 Classic, the BR1 Pro 5G has also been certified to meet the standards of a wide array of deployment criterias.

Low-Profile Form Factor

At 1.15 inches short, the BR1 Pro 5G is 25% slimmer than the BR1 Classic.


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