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openGear MDK-111A-M HD / SD SDI Mixer / Keyer with Internal Logo Insertion


The MDK-111A-M is the most advanced HD / SD SDI single card mixer / keyer on the market. The multikeying function allows simultaneous compositing of both an external key source with up to 3 internally generated logo key sources plus background mixing. For example, the MDK-111A-M can key an external character generator like Ross Video’s XPression, over the background video and then key up to 3 internally generated animated logos. Transition control to any layer; BKGD, external key, and / or internal keys is independently controllable. The internal key sources can be any size up to full-screen and can be positioned anywhere. This makes the insertion of trouble slides, content rating bugs, station logos and EAS simple and affordable.

The MDK offers 4 configurable outputs with selections for PGM / PREVIEW and CLEAN. The look-ahead PREVIEW is ideal for live productions providing confidence in quality and accuracy of the next scene to go to air.

The MDK-111A-M offers a wide range of control with a total of 8 configurable GPI/O, M2100 serial interface and full DashBoard Control and Monitoring. The flexible control makes automating logo insertion simple anywhere in the program stream.

Built-in bypass relay from BKGD A to PGM protects your air feed when the device is taken off-line to ensure critical program stream content is not lost.

Compact Flash is provided at the card-edge for local near line storage of logo content with on-board, on-line memory for logo playout. The system is delivered with a 2Gb standard for both Compact Flash and on-line memory.



  • Animated Channel Branding Inserter
  • Rating Inserter
  • Mini-Master Control Switcher
  • Downstream Keyer / Branding Engine
  • Master Control Bypass Mixer
  • Branding / Sponsorship Keyer for Stadiums The MDK-111A-M is the most advanced HD / SD SDI


  • HD / SD SDI SMPTE 292M, 1.485Gb/s, SMPTE 259M, 270Mb/s
  • Supports 1080PsF/24 and 1080PsF/23.98
  • 4 keyers: 1 external key / fill, 3 internal animation keyers
  • BKGD A and BKGD B inputs with video and audio V-fade and mix with bypass relay for BKGD A to PGM out
  • Configurable outputs with Program, Preview, Clean
  • Flexible control, 8 GPI/O, M2100 serial
  • 2Gb CF storage for multiple still or animated logos, and full screen images
  • RossLinq protocol integration
  • Independent transition controls for each keyer
  • 5-year transferable warranty
  • Power: 18.4 watts


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