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Metacom VCOM Professional Communications in the Metaverse


VCOM Professional and Mission-critical communications in the Metaverse

Coms Bridge

Multi-channel, multi-access (aka “Matrix”) communications within and between physical and virtual realms

SaaS Ready

Cloud SaaS ready solution with AWS and Azure hosting plans available


Secure and HTTPS encrypted WebRTC platform with Single Sign On


Also includes multi-channel video acquisition and monitoring, geo-positioning, telemetry data, and alerts


Full support for SIP, SIPREC, NDI, four-wire interface, radios


Complete REST API to integrate Matrix coms into your Metaverse workflow


Unify Physical and Virtual Worlds

The power of VCOM crosses over from the physical world into the Metaverse offering mission-critical users any combination of communication within and between realms. The platform is scalable to thousands of users and supports a virtually unlimited number of point-to-point, predefined group, and conference channels. Our methodology of Matrix communications has the ability to simulate complex physical world communications scenarios in the Metaverse and effectively bring this exciting new realm to life for a wide array of professional and mission-critical applications.

Mission-Critical in the Metaverse

A persistent characteristic of professional and mission-critical work environments is small spaces jammed with costly proprietary communications, video, telemetry, and other support systems. Even if spaces are not small, such as control rooms used to launch rockets or produce live television, they are very costly, and many personnel travel to these physical places. VCOM and existing VR/AR solutions have the ability to disrupt how work and control rooms have been approached since the beginning of industrialization.

Proven Cloud Platform

VCOM has been trusted for well over a decade in high-profile applications by leading forces across many industries including broadcast, aerospace, defense, energy, transportation, public safety, and financial services. Leverage our API to create game-changing applications for Enterprise in the Metaverse.


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