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Micro 4K DP UHD/4K Quad 3G to DisplayPort Converter

CRESCENT Micro 4K / UHD Converters

UHD, 4K to HD, Quad 4K 3G to DisplayPort Converters

UHD 4K to DisplayPort 1.2 Converter UHD 4K to HD down converter with embedded audio



The Micro-4K-DP is a Quad 3G to DisplayPort Converter that provides an affordable solution for viewing 4K content on monitors that use DisplayPort 1.2 (DP 1.2).

DisplayPort is a display interface that is an alternative to HDMI. DisplayPort is capable of displaying 4K UHD resolution up to 3840×2160 at 60 Hz.

The Micro-4K-DP is an ideal solution for both 4K production and post-production applications.It is a Plug and Play solution with 4 x 3G-SDI Inputs and a DisplayPort 1.2 Output.

  • Supports 4 x 3G -SDI inputs
  • Supports DisplayPort 1.2 output
  • Supports Embedded audio
  • Supports both QHD and 2SI


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