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microNVR HauteSHOT Micro Portable Wireless Network Video Recorder

Typical lead time 2-3 weeks.

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The HauteSHOT microNVR is a video recorder AND a wireless IP router combined in one compact, light weight device. It functions as: a wireless AP for 802.11b/g/n; a video push/pull server; a Web Cam server; a system health monitor; and is a fully functioning computer running an embedded OS. It supports mega-pixel IP or USB attached cameras. It also supports 3G (EVDO, HSPA, EDGE) and 4G (WiMAX and LTE) with optional USB modems.

It’s micro. It’s an NVR. It’s a wireless IP router.
Multi Function: You asked for it. Now you have it!

The microNVR is ideal for many applications combining on-site edge recording with live wireless relay such as in-vehicle video monitoring, light pole mounted video monitoring, solar powered remote video monitoring stations, camera back video recording and relay, and even as a pocket arried video recorder. The microNVR is a flexible platform for wireless video surveillance. The embedded operating system lets you add your own applications so you can build the system you need.  With the microNVR the impossible becomes possible!

  • Complete, ultra-compact wireless IP router with a built-in full function network video recorder.
    Features the HauteRouterOS routing system combined with a MS Windows based NVR.
  • Available with either 120GB of shock and vibration resistant solid state storage or 500GB hybrid SSD/SATA storage.
  • Video can be captured from up to 8 cameras via any combination of USB, Ethernet or wireless connections.
  • Live streaming AND high capacity storage in one ultra compact device.
Pre-installed Software:
  • HauteSpot Networks HauteRouterOS Virtual Router
  • HauteSpot Networks HauteSpot Record—a basic VMS for use with HauteSpot IPCAM cameras only (up to 64 cameras)
  • HauteSpot Neworks HS Network Manager—a comprehensive network monitoring and management system
  • exacqVision 1 camera evaluation version server, client and web server
  • Blue Iris evaluation NVR system
  • Network Optix EVE demonstration client software
  • Microsoft Media Encoder v9 and Expression Encoder v4
  • Real Networks Helix Basic Encoder
  • Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder
  • LiveStream Procaster
  • VideoLAN VLC encoder/player
Why pay more when you can get both systems for the price of one?

That’s right! Time is money. Why waste time and money struggling to create your edge based surveillance system. The HauteSpot microNVR is a reliable, high performance, multi function NVR/IP wireless router that is ready to run out of the box. As an all-in-one product, the microNVR also reduces interopability issues, reduces cabling complexity, and saves you time on configurations. We have tested the microNVR with a variety of cameras, VMS solutions, and related software. It is a real work horse. And just watch how it runs the latest video software from Network Optix. Their EVE video client represents the next step in the evolution of surveillance and video management. The microNVR handles the display and processing of this advanced software like a champ. If you are looking for a “Swiss Army Knife” of edge video processing, the microNVR is it.


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