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Mira Premium and Compact Replay Systems

Deliver timely and eye-catching instant replays for all of your live events and sports broadcasts with a flexible and powerful multi-channel replay system. Choose from the top of the line Mira+ or the compact and economical Mira Express for a replay system that perfectly fits your budget and production requirements.


Mira Control Surface

The Mira Control Surface makes it easy to perform live slow-motion replays, and to create engaging game-break highlights that will captivate your audience.

Powerful Replay Interface

Complementing the physical control surface is the Mira Replay software application.

File-Based Workflow

Mira+ replay systems come standard with integrated media file import and export tools, which dramatically streamlines your file-based workflows.

PIERO+Mira Integration

The PIERO+Mira integration combines sports analysis graphics and replay systems, providing unparalleled storytelling views and flexibility on recorded camera sources. The seamless workflow allows operators to access all angles of a play through the intuitive PIERO application. PIERO’s telestration feature creates engaging graphics and highlights packages, which are automatically saved to Mira for playback. This integration saves time and ensures easy access to created content.


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