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Mira+ Premium Replay System

Single or Dual-User Workflow

Share the load by splitting/sharing server resources—so two operators can work independently on two replay events or work in collaboration on the same replay event.

Reliable Protected Media

Ensure maximum reliability, with standard dual-redundant, hot-swappable power supplies. For ease of maintenance, all Mira+ servers feature hot-swappable chassis fans and media disk drives.

Content Sharing

Network multiple Mira+ servers via Gigabit or 10-Gigabit Ethernet, and easily share clips between multiple users.



All Mira+ replay systems are fitted with the AVC-Intra Class 100 native recording & playout video codec, which supports these video standards:

Ultra HD 4K Video 2160p /50 /59.94
HD Video 1080p /23.98 /24 /25/ 29.97 /30 /50 /59.94 /60
1080i /50 /59.94
720p /50 /59.94
-01 Hardware Models 16.8TB HDD | RAID6
-02 Hardware Models 33.6TB HDD | RAID6

Unique Codec Features

Tria+ servers are fitted with AVC-Intra video hardware that provides unique operational features that are great for a variety of production applications:

The Software Transcoder imports media files without the use of a video channel, allowing you to dedicate all your server’s channels to live recording and playout tasks.

This powerful feature can be deployed while capturing one or more live video sources. It works by writing a continuously growing MXF media file for each live recording stream onto external network attached storage (NAS) – including one of the affordable Ross EVO Signature Series storage solutions. From there, edit systems capable of editing with growing source files can begin editing with these files, even while live capture is still underway. This streamlined live editing workflow save both time and money; and gets your finished productions to air faster than ever before!

DashBoard Integration

As a standard feature, Tria Express Duet effortlessly integrates with Ross DashBoard:

When a Tria Express Duet is added to your basic tree view in DashBoard, the frame will immediately present multiple control panels that serve a variety of uses. You can control the channels of your Tria Express Duet using the “Explorer” panel, or build simple, drag-and-drop custom panels using the “Palette” panel.

In addition to premade control panels, connecting to a Tria Express Duet through DashBoard will provide you with numerous commands and parameters, which can be used to construct sophisticated custom control panels known as CustomPanels. Combine the data from the Tria Express Duet’s parameters with those of other Ross Video products to create solutions so unique and powerful that they have never been imagined before!

Unparalleled Switcher Interface

Tria Express Duet supports multiple control protocols, providing tight integration not only with Ross switchers but also with a broad range of third-party switchers. Many switcher manufacturers have integrated control over Tria Express Duet directly from the switcher’s control panel, which enables advanced features such as clip library review, clip selection, clip loading, and baseband live recording. This level of integration simplifies your live production workflows and reduces the possibility of operator errors.

RS-422 Interface / AMP & VDCP Protocols

When Tria Express Duet channels are connected to a switcher via dedicated RS-422 interface or via Ethernet, the system becomes even more productive. VKA clip playback can be combined with switcher transitions and effects, all controlled directly from the control surface of most switchers. With the most comprehensive interface and fastest response time available, you can rely upon Tria Express Duet in the heat of your live productions.


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