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Haivision MoJoPRO Mac OS Newsgathering Application for Apple MacBook Pro® with H.264/AVC & H.265/HEVC Encoding


The MOJOPRO Mac OS is a powerful video encoding and live streaming software application for MacBook Pro® that simplifies the capture and transmission of live HD or SD video over multiple IP networks, including bonded 4G/3G cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite links. Supporting a wide range of video sources, from the built-in camera to external webcams or SDI/HDMI cameras, the Laptop offers three main functions: Live streaming and file transfer over multiple IP networks, as well as video recording. The MOJOPRO requires a physical StreamHub Receiver or Cloud StreamHub Receiver.

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Thanks to SafeStreams® technology, the MOJOPRO Mac OS detects and bonds together multiple IP network interfaces.

Moreover, the MOJOPRO Mac OS adapts the video encoding bitrate according to the real-time network conditions in order to cope with the unpredictable performance of IP networks and to guarantee the transmission reliability. By integrating the best-in-class video encoding technologies, H.264/AVC (and H.265/HEVC in a next release), it also enables to stream high high-quality even at low bitrate.

Live Transmission:
Send a live broadcast-quality video over bonded IP networks: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, and satellite networks, such as Inmarsat BGAN & GX and other KA band services.

Store and Forward:
Record a high quality video file and forward it later to the StreamHub receiver and distribution platform.

File Transfer:
Forward any type of file from the MOJOPRO Mac OS to the StreamHub receiver and distribution platform.

Integrated With an H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC Encoder, Laptop Minimizes Amount of Newsgathering Equipment and Boosts Video Streaming Quality

The MOJOPRO Mac OS app is a powerful newsgathering application compatible with Apple® MacBook Pro®. By integrating an H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC encoder into a MacBook Pro, journalists’ preferred computer platform for video editing, the Laptop reduces the amount of equipment required for newsgathering and improves broadcast video quality, enabling high-quality streaming. Using this laptop solution, broadcasters can deliver superior video quality in the most efficient and affordable manner possible.

“Broadcasters today need to minimize the amount of equipment they’re carrying in the field and encode video in a way that enables crystal-clear streaming, without any latency,” said Jim Jachetta, CTO, VidOvation. “Our new Laptop application resolves these common challenges, allowing broadcasters to stay ahead of the competition by getting live videos and recordings on-air quicker than ever, with better video quality.”

With the Laptop, broadcasters can receive video content from a wide range of video sources, including the built-in camera and external SDI/HDMI cameras. The MOJOPRO Mac OS offers an intuitive GUI that makes it easy to manage various content delivery profiles, providing support for a variety of broadcast use cases, including live streaming, file transfer via various networks (e.g., wireless, cellular, satellite, LAN/WAN, public internet), and storage.

By detecting and bonding together multiple IP network interfaces, the Laptop enables users to take advantage of every IP network in their immediate area as they become available. SafeStreams® technology assures the delivery of live transmissions even in the midst of unpredictable cellular network conditions. This allows mobile journalists to stream high-quality video over unmanaged networks with minimum delay.

The Laptop is an essential component in a complete range of digital mobile newsgathering products designed to simplify the capture and broadcast of live 4K, HD, or SD video over multiple unmanaged IP networks, including bonded 4G/3G cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite links. Offering seamless integration with the company’s DMNG Manager and DMNG StreamHub receiver, decoder, and distribution platform, the Laptop transforms the way that journalists conduct live interviews, enabling flawless HEVC encoding and high-quality video delivery.

Operating System Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11 or later
MacBook Pro 
     core i5 dual-core version 2013
     core i7 quad-core version 2015
Video Inputs Built-in video camera
     (FaceTime HD camera)
Webcams (via USB)
External video cameras
     (through Blackmagic Mini recorder capture device)
Video Encoding H.264/AVC + H.265/HEVC upgradable
Live: Variable video bitrate (VBR) or
       Constant video bitrate (CBR)
       Max video bitrate: 10Mbps
Store: Constant video bitrate (CBR)


Video Resolutions 1080p/1080i/720p/576/480i
   @50/59.94/60/30/25/29.97 fps
Dynamic Resolution mode for Live
Audio Inputs Built-in or external microphones
Audio Encoding AAC-LC
Bitrate: 32kbps to 256kbps (CBR)
Mono / Stereo
Network Connections Cellular (3G/4G with external USB modem)
Satellite (BGAN, GX, KA-Sat)
Ethernet (LAN, WAN)


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