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Multi-Screen Encoders/Transcoders and Streaming Appliances

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DVEO Main Product Lines –IP Video

Encoders, Transcoders and Streamers

  • iCandy™ 4K IP TELCO UHD H.264/H.265 live hybrid contribution encoder
  • MultiStreamer DIG/IP™ –H.264/H.265 encoder and IP/ABR streamer
  • Gearbox IP/IP™ –Broadcast quality, multi-channel transcoder
  • Brutus IP/IP™–Adaptive optimized transcoder/re-streamer
  • Encoders/transcoders feature DOZER™ARQ automated packet recovery

Media Servers

  • Atlas Packaging Server™–Multichannel grooming, Live & VOD services
  • DelayServer IP/IP™–Multichannel delay for time shifting
  • Infinity IP Server™ –“IPTV in a box” 50-channel play-out
  • Mavio™ 4K UHD H.264/H.265 Video Server

Error-free Real-time Video Delivery over IP

  • DOZER ARQ –Automated packet recovery for smooth live video

DVEO Encoder Family

All-in-One Appliances

  • Encoder & Transcode →Encrypt →Multi-Stream→Multi-Screen
  • MPEG-2, H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC
  • Budget friendly and scalable from 2 to 200 channels
  • APIs for easy integration, control, monitoring, and content security

PracticalAppliance Solutions for AnyContent Needs

  • Packetize content for all delivery methods (RTSP, DASH, HLS, RTMP)
  • Protect content using studio approved DRMsuch as Verimatrix®

Any Input Source to Any Output Type

  • IP, SDI, HD-SDI, HDMI , DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, 8VSB, ISDB-Tb, Composite

All products H.264/AVC & H.265/HEVC capable

  • All produce multi-protocol and multi-bit rate IP video outputs: HLS, DASH, etc.


  • MultiStreamer DIG/IP: TELCO, 5-20 channels
  • Input: 2 x HD-SDI or 1 xHDMI

High DensityConnectivity

  • Gearbox and Gearbox II, 40-80 channels
  • Input: 12 x HD-SDI or 12 x DVB/RF

High Density IPIngest

  • Brutus V & VI, 160-200 channels
  • Up to 30 x 1080p ingest feeds


Affordable solutions for managed IPTV and OTT providers

  • Reduces CAPEX and OPEX, and hence ultimately lowers TCO

Consistent APIs for Control, Billing, Subscriber Management, Reporting, Monitoring, and Content Security/DRM

Add Atlas Packaging Servers for scalable deployments

Ultra-reliable 24/7/365 platform: Linux OS on Intel hardware

Platform evolves with advancements in technology:

ASI  IP; MPEG-2  H.264/AVC  H.265/HEVC; Flash  HLS/DASH



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