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MVN-EN460 Dual-channel MPEG-4 AVC H.264 HD SD Broadcast Video Encoder


The MVN-EN460 MPEG-4 AVC broadcast encoder is the market leading real time compression solution that delivers unrivalled HD and SD video quality. When combined with the flexible openGear™ platform, the solution provides operators with the most powerful, cost effective architecture for delivering DVB compliant video services in the industry.

Application: Contribution and Distribution, IPTV, and Enterprise Video
The MVN-EN460  is a high performance real-time MPEG-4 SD and HD video encoding solution that is future-proofed by design. Based on the openGear™ architecture the product has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of the Contribution and Distribution, IPTV, Telco, and Cable markets.

The MVN-EN460 is a feature-rich high performance dual-channel MPEG-4 AVC HD and SD video encoder that delivers up to 20 individual or simulcast HD/SD channels in a completely hot-swappable, stackable, and fault tolerant chassis. Operators can take advantage to deliver multiple High Definition and Standard Definition video services simultaneously with Magenta’s unique video encoding design.

Business Benefits:

Excellent Video Quality
Magenta’s broadcast encoder is equipped with the latest advances in video compression technology to deliver unsurpassed video quality at ultra-low bitrates. State of the art video processing combined with unique Mediastorm encoding technology enables new open system architectures to be created allowing content to be freely distributed over video networks.

Cost Effective
Magenta’s unique Mediastorm video processing architecture, allows operators and service providers to make significant opex savings by deploying ‘green’ low power solutions. These solutions enable operators and service providers to reduce their power consumption by up to 85% compared to other equivalent broadcast encoder solutions.

Reliable Transmission
Reliable broadcast quality transmission of content over IP networks is achieved through the implementation of SMPTE 2022 and direct processing  technologies. This delivers precise packet timing and buffer management, reducing IP jitter and delay.

High Density & Low Power
The low power, high density, stackable 2RU chassis with dual, front loading hot-swap power supplies, enables up to 20 High Definition or Standard Definition video services to be encoded and streamed simultaneously. Each high performance encoder uses less than 6 Watts of power to encode each audio/video service.

Control & Monitoring
The DashBoard™ Network  Control & Monitoring software is a free application designed for remote control & monitoring of the open architecture, openGear™  platform. For larger deployments where multiple chassis are deployed the DashBoard™ application can be used for software updates, configuration, and control.


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