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One standard for connectivity, two levels of connection.

Become compatible with the ecosystem and discover the potential of video connectivity.

Available only for software.

  • Decode all NDI formats
  • Seamless discoverability integrated into any device
  • Send and receive multichannel video and uncompressed audio
  • Remote control, incl. tally, over a bidirectional stream
  • Add metadata to your stream
  • Includes Unreal Engine 5 plugin
  • Download instantly and start developing

High efficiency, customization
and certification.

Available for software and hardware.

  • Decode, transcode and encode our most efficient formats
  • Capture and send high-quality video, even with low bandwidths
  • Custom-packaged for software or hardware (CPU, GPU and FPGA)
  • Maximum personalization of all connection settings
  • AV Sync and Genlock APIs
  • KVM Support
  • Get NDI Certified
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There is no video without connection.

From a state-of-the-art overseas production to the room of a gaming streamer; from a smart network of traffic analysis to the most challenging remote surgeries; from an auction on social media with thousands of bidders to a parent calming their baby through a monitor.

NDI is the technology connecting the videoverse.

Together with our growing ecosystem, we are developing the most efficient, easy-to-use, and interoperable technology for video connections everywhere. NDI-enabled products are instantly discoverable in a standard IP network without requiring complex setups. They can then send or receive high-quality, low-latency video, audio, controls, and metadata, all in the same stream.

High Efficiency

  • Consume less bandwidth to provide visually lossless video up to 4k60 through our most advanced formats like HX3;
  • Integrate NDI on a hardware or software layer, adapting processing performance to your needs;
  • Eliminate expensive cables and gear while preparing your setup to scale cost-effectively.

Plug & Play

  • Discover, organize, and connect multiple devices in a seamless, intuitive experience;
  • Connect any NDI-enabled device over standard ethernet without requiring custom networking.


  • Enable true compatibility with a growing ecosystem featuring thousands of products, from consumer devices to professional-grade hardware and industry-leading software;
  • Unlock bi-directional transmission to send and receive video, audio and metadata, controlling devices remotely over the same video stream.

Low bandwidth. High Quality. The golden ratio is HX3.

Our most efficient format yet enables seamless connectivity even in extreme contexts.

Harnesses codecs
H.264 & H.265 with


No visible compression
artifacts for visually


latency is

very low

Works in CPU, GPU
& FPGA for

optimal performance

*Compared to NDI High Bandwidth


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