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Network Visualization & Realtime Telemetry NVRT by Providius

NVRT helps to eliminate the blame game between broadcast and IT departments by providing a seamless integration between these two teams.

NVRT is a comprehensive enterprise software suite that is completely vendor-agnostic and has been specifically designed to provide network and media telemetry from across all broadcast infrastructures. This includes all-IP, hybrid IP-SDI, and WAN. NVRT is the go-to tool for managing, monitoring, and maintaining media networks, and it is a requirement for every ST 2110 network as it ensures the system is running smoothly and can proactively diagnose issues in real-time.


NVRT is an incredibly powerful and reliable tool that is indispensable for Engineering, Operations, and System Integration. Its advanced features and capabilities provide a complete view of the network infrastructure, including real-time monitoring and analysis of video, audio, and metadata. This allows users to quickly identify and resolve issues, optimize network performance, and ensure the highest quality of service for their customers.

In addition to its robust monitoring and management capabilities, NVRT also includes advanced visualization tools that enable users to quickly and easily analyze network performance and identify trends over time. This can help broadcasters proactively plan for network upgrades and expansions and improve the overall performance and reliability of their media networks.

Overall, NVRT is an essential tool for anyone working in the broadcast industry, and it is trusted by some of the industry’s leading broadcasters and media companies. Whether you’re a system integrator, network engineer, or operations manager, NVRT provides the tools and capabilities you need to ensure the highest quality of service for your customers and to stay ahead of the competition.

NVRT can answer the following questions:

  • What is connected to the network right now?
  • What media is currently routed across the network?
  • Where did this multicast originate from? Where is it being received?
  • What are the port bandwidth utilization and flow metrics for the trunk ports?
  • Where are all the multicast transports routed currently across my network?
  • What is the health of my PTP system? Is PTP locked where expected?
  • What is the multicast route history log for the network?

Key Features

  • Intelligent real-time network topology mapping and inventory management
  • Network switch telemetry to simplify diagnostic investigation
  • Identify and track multicast media, including path tracing across the network
  • Monitor the health and availability of the entire PTP ecosystem
  • VM or bare metal deployments accessed anywhere using secure web UI

Enhanced Network Visibility

NVRT is an advanced tool that automatically identifies the network and assets in real time. It provides a comprehensive overview of the network, including each device’s network profile, PTP lock status, and connectivity. The live auto-generated mapping feature makes comprehending the network architecture and dependencies easy. Detecting real-time changes helps prevent disruptions, and you’ll be notified of any network events, including intrusions.

Normalized Network Dashboard

NVRT uses network telemetry to create easy-to-use and modern dashboards that provide a comprehensive view of all network devices being used. These simple and intuitive dashboards can help non-IT personnel understand complex information in a clear and concise manner, turning them into experts. With the help of these dashboards, you can diagnose issues quickly and prevent extended downtime, regardless of the switch manufacturer.

Real-time Network Performance

NVRT is a tool that helps improve network performance and availability by identifying anomalies on a port-by-port basis. It provides real-time updates on transmitting and receiving bandwidth and aggregate data errors such as CRC errors, dropped and discarded packets, and collisions. NVRT also allows for labeling multicasts through static assignments or integration with system orchestration software.

PTP System Monitoring

NVRT is a monitoring system that keeps track of the health of the PTP system, which is critical for a media system. It identifies the PTP clock tree, including the masters, boundary clocks, and their relationship. NVRT also records important PTP information, such as the offset from the master, mean path delay, and skew values. In case of any deviations from the norm, NVRT provides alarms to alert the user.

Real-time Inventory Management

NVRT is an inventory tracking tool that lists every asset discovered on the network. The product offers a built-in Elasticsearch feature that lets users quickly and easily locate hardware and software on the network using various attributes such as IP address, MAC address, hostname, and manufacturer. You can also add labels and groups to devices, making identifying device location and functional category easier.

Enhanced Network Security

NVRT is a powerful tool that offers comprehensive device network profiling and risk assessment, enabling you to pinpoint any security vulnerabilities in your network easily. With its innovative network profile targeting feature, NVRT can detect even the slightest changes in device configuration. In addition, NVRT’s real-time network intrusion detection system helps enhance your overall network cybersecurity.


  • Network switch hardware status and health monitoring
  • Discovery and visibility of endpoints
  • Flow visualization and streaming telemetry
  • Flow monitoring and packet loss
  • PTP management and monitoring
  • Network statics
  • Bandwidth heat mapping
  • Security management


  • Enhanced visibility: NVRT provides detailed information about the network, including device security, PTP, and connectivity status. Live auto-generated mapping makes it easy to understand the network architecture and dependencies. Avoid disruption by detecting real-time changes and receive notifications regarding intrusions and other network events.
  • Improved network performance: NVRT can help identify and troubleshoot problems that may be related to the performance of the network itself, like bandwidth, data errors, IP address conflicts, and orphaned routes.
  • Increased efficiency: NVRT can help automate many tasks, such as asset management, alarm monitoring, device configuration, and media tracing, which saves time and improves productivity.



  • NVRT is designed to be deployed on a COTS server or virtual machine and supports all networks, including enterprise infrastructures.
  • NVRT leverages HTML5 to present detailed dashboards that provide responsive real-time web updates using modern graphical design.
  • NVRT gives you unprecedented visibility into your most critical operations from any location using a web browser.
  • Although NVRT can be installed on any server or virtual machine that meets the minimum system requirements, we can also supply you with a preinstalled server.


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