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NXG 32 Channel QAM Modulator Module





NXG 32 Channel QAM Modulator Module

The NXG-32CH-QM multi-channel QAM Modulator provides up to 32 QAM 256 channels.  All 32 output channels are fully agile from 54 to 1002 MHz, with the requirement that all channels must be within a 768 MHz frequency span.

Each program can be configured to support a customized channel lineup for desired locations.


• Provides reliable and secure HD programming in hospitality environments
• Can contain up to 3 audio streams and up to 11 additional PIDs for each video program
• Can be configured with both HD and SD programming in the same QAM channel
• Ability to change the PID, Program #, Short Name, Major and Minor channel (PSIP) information
• Provides fully independent QAM channels (no QAM channel blocks)
• Supports MPEG-2 and H.264 video
• Multiplexes SPTS programs to MPTS for QAM distribution
• Continuous Wave (CW) mode easily aligns headend level
• -20 dB RF test point


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