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ONErack 6RU Basic Kit

6RU Universal mounting system that vastly improves rack installation of small devices.

Basic kit Includes chassis, with 6 modules. Optional accessories include: standard (250w) or dual-redundant (450w) PSU’s.

Category: Racking & Power
Manufacturer: tvONE
SKU: 1RK-6RU-Basic-Kit



Racks full of endless wall warts?
Eliminate your DC power supplies with the ONErack universal mounting system.

ONErack is a universal, powered mounting system that
vastly improves rack installation of small devices. Convert randomly sized, externally-powered devices from any manufacturer into slide-in modules that can be installed quickly and cleanly and serviced easily. The 6RU chassis comes complete with 6 modules (can hold up to 16 modules) with up to 2 voltage selectors each module. Each voltage selector, can provide power @ 5v, 7.5v, 9v, 12v, 13.5v, 18v, & 24v up to 35 watts.

Optional accessories include: standard (250w) or dual-redundant (450w) PSU’s, additional mounting modules (requires additional rails), covers (fan, metal, plexi), and a cable management system.

A growing list of manufacturers have joined the ONErack Alliance, formally approving ONErack and ONErack Spider as an accepted alternative to supplied power adapters. All ONErack Alliance members have one thing in common – they stand by their product warranties even after you cut the cord and leave your wall-wart power supply behind.
Rack it. Power it. Cool it. Do it with ONErack

Key Features

♦ Universal mounting for any brand
♦ Fast easy installation of small devices
♦ Simple, time saving serviceability
♦ Variable DC voltages from single power supply
♦ Active fan cooling system for high density applications
♦ Each slot can provide 2 different voltages at the same time
♦ Each slot has 7 different voltage settings
♦ Pass thru allows for custom powering options
♦ Available in 3 sizes; 4RU, 5RU, 6RU
♦ Power up to 32 devices in 4RU, 64 devices in 5 or 6RU


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